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Obama wants pro-Clinton group investigated

Ever wonder what candidate support groups do with their money? Well, so does Obama! Jim Kuhnhenn says, “Barack Obama’s presidential campaign wants federal regulators to investigate fellow Democrats who are backing Hillary Rodham Clinton’s candidacy, taking intraparty discord to a new level of confrontation.” Advertisements

Well…that was uplifting…

Okay, to be honest, I didn’t really like this week’s readings. They were depressing for me to read. The topic was citizen journalism and how it’s becoming more and more popular and how traditional journalism is steadily declining. Now, that will really make somebody who’s going to school for a degree in journalism feel even […]

Blogging because lives depend on it

In the past few weeks, I’ve been reading and learing about how blogs have become essential in breaking news stories and in political candidates’ campaigns, but I never really considered the real effect blogs could have until I read “ blogs and forums help save lives after Katrina” on

No Longer Kickin’ it Old School

So this week’s reading was called “Here Comes Everybody” by Clay Shirky. It was about how the explosion in blogging has turned everybody out there into self-proclaimed journalists. I thought it was interesting, especially as a journalist myself because I’ve never really considered bloggers to be journalists. It’s kind of snobby for me to say […]

History Lessons

Throughout my college career, I’ve been assigned a lot of reading. Some of it’s been interesting, some of it hasn’t. It just comes without saying. This last week, one of the chapters I had to read for class was about the history of open discourse and how it relates to blogging. I’ll be honest and […]

The Practicalities and Benefits of Blogging

I found this week’s readings—specifically the one in “Dispatches from Blogistan”—to be very useful in their practicality. It really surprised me with how much work it takes to create a successful blog. Before reading the chapter on the anatomy of a blog page, I just figured that the most important aspect of a successful blog […]