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The Practicalities and Benefits of Blogging

I found this week’s readings—specifically the one in “Dispatches from Blogistan”—to be very useful in their practicality. It really surprised me with how much work it takes to create a successful blog. Before reading the chapter on the anatomy of a blog page, I just figured that the most important aspect of a successful blog was the content, which it still is, but apparently there is more to it than just being able to write. I think that the other aspects that this chapter points out are factors to take into account when creating a blog. When I go about creating this blog, I know that I will be taking them into consideration.

One thing that surprised me was reading about the trackback feature of blogs. Before this I wasn’t aware that you could do this. Now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense for people to do this so that they may increase the readership of their own blog instead of just posting a comment on somebody else’s blog. Similarly, the blogroll feature made a lot of sense to me too because it would definitely add to your credibility in your readers’ eyes as well as providing them with more well-rounded information on whatever the topic of your blog may be.

In the readings in “We the Media,” the author discusses how through his blog, readers are now becoming active members of the media and he cites an incident with the Qwest CEO, Joe Nacchio as an example. I agree with him on this and I believe that this is taking journalism in the right direction in the fact that our readers are able to respond to our posts quickly, give us news tips or even to call us out on any errors we have made. It takes journalism to a higher standard because journalists are becoming even more accountable for what we write. It keeps us on our toes, to say the least.


Both blogs and columns in print media are used to express the author’s opinions. How are the two different and how are they similar?

Why would some people say that blogging is just a fad and participation will soon be dropping?


One comment on “The Practicalities and Benefits of Blogging

  1. Hi, Samantha — we’ll talk more about the technologies (like trackbacks) this week. 🙂

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