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The responsibilities of the “fifth estate”

Ethics. Morals. Principles. Call them what you will, but in the world of journalism, they all pretty much boil down to act the same way: as a guide we journalists follow to help us make decisions about what to write or not to write as well as how we want our work to be perceived. […]

Networking: Where the only way is out

This week’s readings were focused around how, in this day a age, technologically speaking, it’s all about networking and how we’ve become a networking society. And just as that old cliche goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know–or at least whatever the technological equivalent would be. For all the different types of softwares […]

Further proof that money doesn’t necessarily equal happiness…

Earlier this school year I was listening to John Tesh on the radio and he was talking about a recent study done on the salary differences between men and women. According to the findings, women are now making more money than men in the same age bracket. This is because women are more educated and […]

Macbook Air: Are you the one for me?

So, for those of you who’ve been reading my blog semi-regularly (Hi Kathy!), you’ve probably figured out that I’ll be graduating soon and am a bit wary about entering the worderful world of journalism, especially with how difficult is becoming to find a job and whatnot. As a graduation present, my parents said that they […]

Legal matters

This week’s readings were focused around the legalities behind blogging and citizen journalism. I’m very glad that Dispatches from Blogistan covered this topic. I thought that it was only logical for Stefanac to add a chapter in her book about copyright, libel and the like. It seemed the responsible thing for her to do since her […]

The time of reckoning has come: Deal with it!

So this week’s reading was in Dispatches from Blogistan and was entitled “Blogs as Soapboxes.” As I read it, I wasn’t really surprised to find out that the majority of bloggers are still “writing about ‘my life.’” At least, as of July of 2006. There’s this saying you hear a lot in the writing industry, […]

Seeing shouldn’t always lead to believing

Whenever we pick up a newspaper and flip to the news section, we expect what we read to be fact. And with good reason, obviously. News is supposed to be based oncurrent events going on, both locally and nationally. Sometimes there will be mention of things going on internationally, but mainly the news in this […]