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No Apologies

No Apologies Not that sweet, but still pretty short. Without straying: Not to be underestimated.   A quirky personality and easily frazzled, but not one to back down.   Size has nothing to do with it. Size has everything to do with it.   Not always thinking before speaking or taking action but ready to […]

Respecting our First Amendment rights Pt. II

A few weeks ago I was in the Half-Price Books in Lynnwood. I’d already made my purchases and was on my way out the door when a book on display caught my eye. At first it was just the one word title: Killed. With a title like that–in bright red, nonetheless–it’s bound to catch your […]

Spanish Memories

With all the talk about Barcelona in my previous post, it reminded me of this poem that I wrote for my creative writing class last quarter. Enjoy! Spanish Memories  When the flamenco is soaked in sangria I’ll go to Barcelona. I’ll go to Barcelona with churros con xocolata and a side of paella.  

The Shadow of the Wind: A review

It’s not too difficult to find a book that will make you laugh as well as make you cry; nor is it that hard to find a book that will make you angry to the point where you just want to scream and throw it against the wall (in a good way, of course). But […]

Mariners baseball is in an upheaval

On top of the fact that the Sonics may be leaving Seattle, Mariners are now getting the axe left and right to the point where even the players must be questioning what uniform they’ll be wearing next week. What’s next? Matt Hasselbeck gets traded? Good lord, let’s hope not. Who knows how that will affect the […]

I’m graduated! Now what?

So last week my career as a college student at the University of Washington came to a bittersweet end as I graduated (Thursday, Department of Communication; Saturday, UW). Starting out as a freshman back in 2004 (good lord, has it really been four years?!), I didn’t really know where I was going or what I would be doing. […]

Respecting our First Amendment rights

The other day, the New York Times posted an article about a weekly news magazine in Canada that printed an article in October of 2006 about how “the rise of Islam threatened Western values.” The article goes on to say that topics the article discusses are nothing different from what conservative magazines and blogs here […]