Spanish Memories

With all the talk about Barcelona in my previous post, it reminded me of this poem that I wrote for my creative writing class last quarter. Enjoy!

Spanish Memories 

When the flamenco is soaked in sangria

I’ll go to Barcelona.

I’ll go to Barcelona

with churros con xocolata

and a side of paella.


I’ll go to Barcelona

and statues come alive

when the coins hit the hat.

I’ll go to Barcelona

and a kaleidoscope of color

in every bite.

I’ll go to Barcelona

when bars close and

whores come out in hordes.

I’ll go to Barcelona

freak windstorms and fried chicken

by the port.

I’ll go to Barcelona

palm trees and skate parks

steps away from the Metro.

I’ll go to Barcelona

gingerbread houses out of Wonderland

as bubbles float on by.



I’ll go to Barcelona.

I’ll go to Barcelona.

I will go to Barcelona.


3 comments on “Spanish Memories

  1. […] Spanish Memories – I was so happy I was able to provide pictures for this poem that I actually took myself and that they actually directly related to the poem itself. […]

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