Never underestimate the potential of a “staycation”

On Wednesday I had the day off from work as did my friend Wynn. So, obviously taking advantage of our free day, we spent the day together–something that’s usually pretty difficult with our respective schedules and the fact that she’s out of Edmonds and now lives in Kirkland and I’m in Mountlake Terrace. We no longer live seven minutes away (apparently, she’s timed it) and we’re both very gas-conscious when it comes to driving. This made me think of the growing trend of “staycations,” vacation time people spend staying close to home as opposed to going on trips. To me, this seems a logical solution to not just this country’s gas issues, but also this country’s economic issues. To put it bluntly, it’s just too damn expensive to go anywhere. 
"Sammi & Wynn's Day of Fun" begins!

"Sammi & Wynn's Day of Fun" begins!

“Sammi and Wynn’s Day of Fun”–as we were calling it–consisted of a trip to the mall (I had to return something and Wynn had to buy something), a trip to the beach, a trip to two used bookstores and then a trip back to the mall because Wynn had to return some of the things she bought earlier (so she could eat that night). Finally we topped the day, or night depending on how you look at it, at the Greenlake Bar & Grill for $5 Steak Night with some of my Rome friends (people I went to Rome with this past Winter Quarter…eventually they’ll be just “friends”). All in all, laid out neatly in front of you like this, it probably doesn’t sound all that exciting, but it was a very good day. According to Wynn it was the best day of her life, so far (obviously).

Every Wednesday night, this is where it happens...

Every Wednesday night, this is where it happens...

What I’m trying to get at is that, without going too far away from home (everywhere we went was no more than 20-30 minutes away from our perspective places of residence), the two of us still managed to have a great time. Going back to the “staycation” idea, I’m thinking that there’s something to be said about staying close to home and enjoying what’s around you. I’ll be the first to admit it: Even though I grew up in the Seattle area and have lived here my entire life, I still haven’t hit up all of the touristy spots. I’ve never seen the works that reside in the Seattle Art Museum despite the fact that we share a common name (SAM). I’ve yet to learn the history of the Seattle Underground. Nor have I ever listened to the tunes that fill the halls of the Experience Music Project. Hell, even after spending pretty much every Fourth of July here, I still have never watched fireworks over Lake Union at Gasworks Park. As sad as this may sound, I’m sure I’m not the only person who hasn’t visited all of the major sights in their area.

Earlier this week, I took a trip to the Lynnwood Library and checked out six books. Among the six is a book titled Previous Convictions, Assignments from Here and There by A.A. Gill–who, according to the book’s back cover synopses, is “probably the most widely read columnist in Britain.” It’s a book of travel essays covers both places in Britain (the “Here”) as well as places all around the world (the “There”). I haven’t officially started the book yet but I have read the Foreword already. It shows great promise; I’m going to officially start reading it right after this post (if I remember, I’ll let you know how it goes).

The reason I bring this up is because although Gill covers places from around the globe, he also covers places in his own backyard–I apologize for the use of a cliche. By doing this, by including “travel” essays about places in home country and juxtaposing them with travel essays from all over the world, Gill further proves my point in that you should–cue title–never underestimate the potential of a “staycation.” At least, that’s my interpretation of it.

So, here’s what I’m suggesting: It’s summer and while vacations are great this time of year, there are logistical issues that needed to be taken into consideration such as having the time and money to actually take one. If you’re like me and you’re limited in both areas, take a “staycation” and do the touristy thing close to home. I know that I’m planning on doing it at least a few more times in the next few months (even though I’ve yet to let my friends know that they’ll be joining me). You’ll be seriously surprised how much you’ll enjoy yourself.

You never know what you might find right in your own backyard...

Who knows what you'll find in your own backyard?


4 comments on “Never underestimate the potential of a “staycation”

  1. “Wynn had to return some of the things she bought earlier (so she could eat that night). ”

    I’m glad I’m jobless because I was really starting to miss the “poor college student” feeling. 20 is too young to have a 9-5 job. Yuck! Also it has allowed me to spend some time with you… I missed that a lot.

    Maybe next Wednesday we CAN go to the SAM and the EMP… and GASWORKS! Oh yeah, and we can watch Hancock.

    I love staycations.

  2. hahah you say “dude breathe… seriously” like I’m out of control.
    It’s funny because I’m always in such a calm state of mind when I blog and then what you say makes it look like i’m a mental case.
    The truth is I’m only a mental case when it comes to certains guys that work at a certain gym that I need to bitch out.

  3. This is too funny, I just posted about staycations! Looks like you had a good one…hope you’re having fun out in the real world!

  4. […] job.” I’ll admit that I spent a good deal of my summer kind of slacking off and just hanging out but I did go to the UNITY journalism convention in Chicago. I did the whole networking thing and […]

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