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Video games going musical

Growing up in a family with no male children, my sister and I have never been big on video games. Our parents didn’t seem to see the need for their daughters to learn how to get two plumber brothers to defeat the king of a “turtle-like” race called Koopas or to figure out which punch/kick/fireball combination would be the best to cause a fatality against an opponent. Nowadays with games such as Halo or Grand Theft Auto, being widely popular–I have a difficult time keeping track of the new games and that’s how things were in high school, it could be completely different today–I can see their point. Who needs that excess violence? I’m not dissing or dismissing video games, violent or otherwise. I’ll be the first to admit that there is an addictive quality to them and that they have a loyal following. It’s just not my thing.

I bring this up because  I have recently discovered the joys of karaoke at my friend Jessica’s house via Magic Mic. Now, you’re probably wondering what the hell karaoke has to do with video games, but I promise I have a point and I will get to it soon. So, back to Magic Mic…Jessica, the previously mentioned Wynn and I spent pretty much an entire afternoon and a good chunk of an evening literally just passing the mic between the three of us, going from song to song. Surprisingly, very little alcohol was involved. I don’t know if that’s really weird or just really sad but that was how we spent our afternoon/evening and it was fun; none of us were brilliant or showed any potential talent to be tapped into. I usually leave my singing to when I’m in the car by myself with the radio blasting because I am acutely aware of the fact that I won’t be entering any recording studios or winning a Grammy anytime soon. Although I’d have to say that Jessica did come pretty close on a few songs.

As we kept on going through songs, Wynn kept on mentioning how she would either sing some of the songs on Rock Band or play them on Guitar Hero. Personally, I’ve never played either of the games, but based on the premise of each game, I know that I would enjoy them. According to this recent article from reuters.com,  there has been a rise in these music video games. I’m not sure how well I’d be at Guitar Hero since I’m pretty sure my fingers are not that nimble, but I think it’s safe to say that I’d hog (or at least try to) the mic at Rock Band and force my friends to suffer through my renditions of various Phil Collins, Bon Jovi and Queen tunes, with a little bit of old school R&B such as Boyz II Men and Ghost Town DJs thrown in.

Getting to my point (finally…it obviously took longer than I’d anticipated), not all popular video games need to have violence in them to be enjoyed and develop a following. People can be perfectly content belting out their favorite hits from the 1980s or whatnot as opposed to blowing the head of the guy next to them, something that I can wholeheartedly agree with.


One comment on “Video games going musical

  1. They really should put some Boyz II Men in RockBand. Maybe one of us could write a letter? And feel free to let me know when you want to give a try at Guitar Hero, we can do Co-Op mode… or as I like to call it, Double Team!!!

    I told my mom about the Magic Mic and now she wants to buy it for us. She even asked me if Jessica would let us borrow it. The weird thing is… when I was little, I used to be like “Ew Karaoke? why? I’m so bad!” But now I realize that it’s not even about the quality of the singers voice (it helps though hahaha sorry… my scores were always like 50%!)but rather, it’s the time spent with your friends singing old school songs and laughing about it later. I can’t wait to do it again!

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