A little bit of work, a bit of play and a whole lot of travel: Days 3 and 3.5 of my trip to UNITY in Chicago

The big, reflective smooshed donut.

The big, reflective smooshed donut in Chicago's Millennium Park.

I am absolutely determined to finish my Chicago recaps today. That way, I’ll be able to start blogging about other stuff like the Olympics, because according to my stats, that seems to be what most people read here anyway. So here goes the last day and a half of my Chicagoan adventure.

Day 3, Saturday July 26, 2008

Today, my day at the convention started early at 8:30 a.m. I went to a session about designing. Coinciding with the recurring theme of the convention, the session was focused on how to feature and represent more minorities in the media–in this case, the visual aspect. I was hoping that it would be a more practical session since I want to gain more practical experience in design. I’m not saying that I want to give up reporting or writing; I’m just saying that design is something that I’d really want to do as well.

Afterwards, I headed back to the career fair and media expo. Again, I’m not going to name all of the booths I visited, but I’m happy to say that I distributed many of the resumes I had left. I was glad to do so when I did because I was actually going to take a break and then go back but the expo actually closed at 12:45. If I had gone, I would have been completely screwed out of meeting with more people.

Quotes on the inside walls of the lobby of the Tribune Tower.

Quotes on the inside walls of the lobby of the Tribune Tower.

Then I headed back to my hotel and rested for a little bit. I read a bit and then did some site seeing. Again, I walked down Michigan Avenue, otherwise known as the Magnificent Mile. This time around, I actually entered the Tribune Tower to check out the home of the Tribune Company. I only hung out in the lobby area, but it was still pretty cool. The walls had all of these quotes by different people–politicians, founding fathers, etc.–talking about freedom of the press. I took my pictures, visited the Tribune Store and then headed on my way. I continued down Michigan to Millennium Park. As I walked around the park, I couldn’t help but think, why don’t we have parks like this in Seattle? I mean, this park was beautiful; I’ve got to admit that I was jealous on my hometown’s behalf. The grass was just so green and the art and architecture around the park, especially the Cloud Gate on the AT&T Plaza–or as I like to call it, the big reflective, smooshed donut.

The architecture in Millennium Park was gorgeous.

The architecture in Millennium Park was gorgeous.

Once I got my fill of the park, I headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. My roommate Anusha and I met up with AAJA Seattle Chapter Co-President and Seattle Times reporter, Sanjay Bhatt, KING 5 anchor, Lori Matsukawa, her husband Larry and some other people. We ended up eating in the Italian Village, the “oldest Italian restaurant in Chicago,” which is actually three restaurants in one. The restaurant we went to was called The Village. It was fun and good to talk to everybody in a more laid back setting. The inside of the restaurant was really cool because it was designed to look like you’re sitting outside in an Italian village. It did kind of remind me of when I was in Italy back in the winter.

Afterwards, we went to the various parties put on by the different groups. The first one we attended was the Karaoke Night put on by the AAJA. It was great. Obviously, the talent (or lack thereof) left a lot to be desired, but the entire atmosphere was just so much fun. People were getting really into it. I signed up to sing Wonderwall by Oasis, but was never called. I ran into my friend Shawn again. Anusha and I went up to the NAHJ ¡Vamos Pa’ Puerto Rico! party to see what free instruments they were giving away that we could get. Unfortunately, they were out of maracas, which was what I really wanted. We finished off the night at the NABJ Tampa Kick-Off Party. I’m happy to say that a good time was had by all.

Day 3.5, Saturday July 27, 2008

Again, I only count this as half a day of my trip since it was just traveling and nothing really to do with the convention. Today wasn’t really that exciting. I left Chicago early in the morning (9 a.m. flight)–again, not sure what the hell I was thinking when I booked my flights. I had a layover in Detroit. I can’t really say much about the city, but I will say this: They have got a gorgeous airport. I finally made it home to Seattle around 2:30 p.m.


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  2. Yay a fan!!! Or is that a SPAM? hmmm… either way, at least you know. I have mysterious people from Virginia visiting my blog and not even letting me know what they think of it. Just a mystery reader. Should I be flattered?

  3. ps – the donut picture made me want one. yum!

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