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Harry Potter turns 10, although if he were real, he’d be 28

On Tuesday Sept. 23, Scholastic released a 10th Anniversary edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with cover art done by Mary GrandPre, who has done illustrations for all of the American Potter editions. I came across the cover the other day when I was at Barnes and Noble and I’ve got to say that I […]

Not all men are created equal

It has been reported, that a recent study has shown that men who hold more traditional views on gender roles and women’s place in the world earn significantly more than men with more egalitarian views. Now as a feminist, I found this news to be quite disturbing. I believe in equality for women and that a woman […]

A list of lists (part 2)

No small talk. Just a continuation of my last post of lists. My five “hot celebrity guys”: Shane West – Not only is he good looking (at least, I like to think so…y’all can disagree if you want), he’s a pretty talented actor. With credits to his name such as “Once and Again,” “ER,” “A Walk to Remember” […]

A list of lists (part 1)

In honor of one of my BFFs who is big on list-making, I’ve decided to make this blog a list of lists of random facts about myself (I’m having one of those “It’s all about me” moments…humor me and read on). I already know that they’re going to range from pretty normal to ridiculous to the […]

Page Updates

Currently, I’m working on a post that will probably be somewhat random, but interesting (I hope) all the same, in the meantime though, I’ve updated my Resume and my Journalism Clips pages. It’s important to keep things as up-to-date as possible. So, in that spirit, that’s what I’m doing. Check them out!

An Unconventional Love/Hate Triangle

  Albus Dumbledore once said to one of his favorite students (possibly favorite student), “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” It’s interesting food for thought. We’re all born with the potential to do great things in different areas, but what it all comes down to, what really matters, is what […]

Damon Condemns Palin

Actor Matt Damon makes some very good points about the consequences of having Alaska governor Sarah Palin as president if the possibility of John McCain “doesn’t survive his first term” (apparently, it’s very possible…a one in three chance) becomes a reality. I’m with Damon in that I don’t know much about Palin. However, based on the […]

Contrary to what Ross Geller says, writing is not “all relative”

There’s this phrase: It’s in your blood. People usually use it when a person shares a talent or ability with their siblings, parents, grandparents or any other assorted relatives or ancestors. Hermione–know-it-all that she is–says this to Harry during their first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when he’s worried that he’ll make a fool […]

Positively and independently in love: Relationships and their effects on us, Part 3

Hundreds of movies have been made about it; thousands of songs have been sung; and probably millions of poems have been recited about it. So much has been said and done about romance and romantic love that me writing about it is probably going to be redundant, but I’ve already covered familial and platonic relationships that […]