Contrary to what Ross Geller says, writing is not “all relative”

There’s this phrase: It’s in your blood. People usually use it when a person shares a talent or ability with their siblings, parents, grandparents or any other assorted relatives or ancestors. Hermione–know-it-all that she is–says this to Harry during their first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when he’s worried that he’ll make a fool out of himself during his first Quidditch match as the youngest Seeker the school has seen in a century. Harry’s father James was on the team when he was at school (as Seeker in the movies and Chaser in the books) so really, Harry doesn’t have anything to really worry about. It’s in his blood.

The reason I bring this up is because I was thinking about my penchant for writing and was wondering where the hell it came from since as far as I know, it is most definitely not in my blood. I’ve yet to hear about any relative–even one of the long lost variety–who has any sort of way with words. I’m not saying that I have a way with words; I’m just saying that I don’t know anyone hanging out in my family tree who writes. Am I just an anomaly in my family? Sometimes I wonder if my mom really isn’t kidding when she tells me she’s not really my mom and that I was actually this little Filipino baby she found in a dumpster. This would not only explain why nobody in my family was born with a pen (or keyboard, in this day and age) in their hands, but also why I get so many people asking me if I’m Filipino. It makes sense, I guess.

I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been writing and have wanted a career in writing for as long as I can remember. This of course is the source of my choice to go into the field of journalism and from that, my interests expanded to page layout and design. At one point I was really set on just being a designer Although, I haven’t really had much experience working on professional publications. It’s always been isolated projects for classes. However, I’ve been sticking to my roots in writing seeing as how I’ve got no designing prospects on the horizon but do have a couple freelance gigs (as a writer–not an assassin) as well as this blog and a few pieces of fiction I’ve been working on. For someone who didn’t really want to do anymore writing for awhile, that’s a lot of writing. But, I’m alright with that. That pen/keyboard I was born with appears to be stuck on my hands for good so I might as well make the best of it.

I’m not trying to whine, but I’m not going to lie. It’s been hard. Making your living by writing is not the easiest thing in the world. But I was prepared for that when I was in school and I know that right now–as I’m trying to start my career–there will probably be more times like this that lay ahead of me. One of the things that makes it even harder though is being constantly nagged about it. Have I found job? When will I have a job? Where have I been looking for a job? What am I doing about looking for a job? Discouraging as this may be, I would have to say that the absolute worse thing is being asked why do I have to work in journalism? Why can’t I just find a job anywhere else doing something else?

I’ve got one word for you: college. Journalism is what I went to school for; journalism is what I got my degree in; journalism is what my parents and I spent all that money on; and journalism is what I want to do with my life. Journalism and also just writing have been the only things that I’ve been able to realisitically see myself doing as a career. Honestly, it’s just the way my mind works. It’s a blessing and a curse and I’ve learned to live with it and love it.


3 comments on “Contrary to what Ross Geller says, writing is not “all relative”

  1. My parents told me that they found me in a dumpster too. Perhaps we’re long lost siblings who’ve magically found each other again! I get the Filipino bit a lot too.

    I’m not much of a writer though. You know that.

    And you were born with a pen in your hand? Your poor mother.

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