A list of lists (part 2)

No small talk. Just a continuation of my last post of lists.

My five “hot celebrity guys”:

  1. Shane West – Not only is he good looking (at least, I like to think so…y’all can disagree if you want), he’s a pretty talented actor. With credits to his name such as “Once and Again,” “ER,” “A Walk to Remember” and “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” it’s good to know that he’s more than just a pretty face. He’s also the guitarist and lead singer of the band, Jonny Was. They have a song on the soundtrack for “A Walk to Remember.”
  2. Wentworth Miller – He has two last names and probably the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen on a man. You don’t even have to be that close to him to feel as if he’s peering into your soul. That’s how piercing his eyes are. I’m a huge fan of “Prison Break” and I think Michael Scofield is a genius and I’d get with him in a heartbeat–jailbird or not.
  3. Topher Grace – Honestly, I don’t know if it’s actually him or Eric Forman–his “That 70’s Show” counterpart. I’ve always had a soft spot for the awkward geek and that’s pretty much what Eric is. With his obsession with Star Wars reaching the point where he not only feels the need to educate others, but it also a part of his dreams, how can he not be one?
  4. Lupe Fiasco – I’ve seen him twice in concert and his shows are always quite enjoyable. He doesn’t really rap about hoes and bitches or bling or getting high and stuff and I like that. Also, I absolutely love it when he wears his glasses. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I honestly think all guys look better with glasses.
  5. Pharrell Williams – His band–yes, they qualify as a band because they do play their own instruments–is called N.E.R.D (No one Ever Really Dies). How can I not love someone like that? I saw him and the rest of the guys in concert on Thursday and I’ve got to reiterate what I said about guys and glasses.
  6. Zach Gilford – I know I said my five hot celebrity guys but I couldn’t help it. Just as Isabella Rossellini is an alternate for Ross Geller, I’m going to have him and his Friday Night Lights counterpart be my alternate! Eric Forman is my awkward geek and Matt Saracen will be my awkward athlete (even though I’d usually go for baseball players, not football players)!

Five things I will probably never be or have the ability to do:

  1. A basketball player – I’m 5′ 1/2″ tall. Is there anything else I need to say?
  2. Flirt – My first, last and only boyfriend was somebody I grew up with. We got together when we were in high school through AIM. There was no flirting involved or even required. For the two years I’ve been single since then, I’ve yet to find somebody I’m interested in long enough to even tryto utilize my non-existent skills on. I’ve got no game and I don’t think I ever had any. I have no “eye of the tiger,” as Wynn would say.
  3. Wear “real” makeup – My abilities are quite limited in this aspect of femininity. They go as far as tinted moisturizer and lip gloss and I only use the latter if I’m “feeling fancy” (I use one by Stila and one by Sephora combined).
  4. A politician– While I have the utmost respect for those who decide to run for office because they believe they can make a difference in people’s lives for the better, I hate that the word has almost become synonymous with liar and my acting chops don’t exist. Not the most appealing of job descriptions, to say the least. Also, even though I’m all for doing things for the greater good and whatnot, I think I’d probably be to independent and stubborn to do stuff for “appearance” purposes.
  5. Have a one night stand – I’m not a prude or anything, I just think it’s important to really know somebody before you sleep with them. They could already be involved with someone else, living with them, share pets or even kids with this person etc. Plus, there’s the whole medical history thing you need to look into.  Who knows who’ve they’ve been with and what type of disease they might have. *Shudders* I cringe at the thought of it.

Five places I want to visit:

  1. Australia – The country is a continent. It just looks so beautiful. Plus, I’ve always been a sucker for a guy with an Australian accent. I would’ve put an Australian guy on my list of guys, but there weren’t any who I found attractive.
  2. Greece – I really wish I’d have gone when I was in Europe. But I went to England instead and I had a great time there, so I guess it’s all good. Another time.
  3. Hawaii – Most of my friends have been there but I haven’t yet. So, I’ve determined that this is where our next trip together is going to be!
  4. Asia, outside of Cambodia – I’ve already been to the latter with my family and now I want to explore the former.
  5. Egypt – I’ve learned a whole bunch about the country (the ancient version, not present day) and I just really want to go.

Five books/series that should be made into movies:

  1. The World of Chrestomanci – Outside of Harry’s world, Chrestomanci (Christopher Chant) is my favorite fantasy character. I think it would be awesome if they made movies out of this series. However, like Harry Potter, I’d probably be extremely nit-picky about the details and annoying everybody about how this wasn’t in the book and how this is how it really happened, etc.
  2. Lamb, The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal –  I’ve already expressed my enjoyment of reading “the other story” but I think it would be great to actually watch the other story. Christopher Moore does a brilliant job here and I think it would be even more brilliant if Kevin Smith directed it. Despite having already done a movie about religion that had a fucking rubber poop monster in it,” I’d be up to see another one. Smith already said he’d like to see a movie about Christ’s life. Well, here’s a ready made story for him to adapt to the big screen!
  3. The Merlin Conspiracy – Again, another DWJbook but what can I say? She writes good books! Chrestomanci isn’t her only notable character. I’m a big fan of Nick Mallory–who makes his first appearance in Deep Secret–and I loved reading about his inner musings on Roddy and hers on him.
  4. Thursday Next novels – How can I not love a world where literature is taken extremely seriously? If they made movies about her adventures, I’ll bet you anything that more people would read more just so they would understand all of the references that Jasper Fforde makes.
  5. Nursery Crimenovels – Again, these were created by the above mentioned Fforde. All I have to say is, what he does with nursery rhymes and how he turns them into crimes is pure genius. There are so many twists and turns in these books that you honestly don’t know what to expect and how they’re going to end.

Five song covers that are just as good as the originals (if not better):

  1. Buy You a Drank by Jesse McCartney – Despite my aversion to pop music, I’ve got to admit that I kind of like McCartney. He’s like a guilty pleasure. He did this cover of the popular T-Pain song and I actually kind of like this better than the original. T-Pain’s a bit too digital for my tastes.
  2. Against All Odds by The Postal Service – Apparently, the NY Post agrees that this is one of the best cover songs ever made. Originally by Phil Collins (a brilliant artist), this one was recorded for the movie, Wicker Park. The video is all about the movie. I love it!
  3. Morning Glory by Sum 41 – Performed by the band’s singer/songwriter/guitarist Deryck Whibley (who is married to Avril Lavigne), this acoustic version doesn’t have as much going on in it so you can focus more on the music and the vocals.
  4. Boys of Summer by The Ataris – The punk version of this Don Henley song is fun to listen to when you’re driving in your car in the summer (when else?) with the windows rolled down and the volume turned up. The NY Post put this song on their list too.
  5. Hello It’s Me by John Legend – I originally heard this song, which was done first by Todd Rundgren and then the Isley Brothers, at the Gap during the Favorites ad campaign. I just love it!

Okay, enough lists. I’m done!


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  1. That’s a lot of links.

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