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Not all men are created equal

It has been reported, that a recent study has shown that men who hold more traditional views on gender roles and women’s place in the world earn significantly more than men with more egalitarian views. Now as a feminist, I found this news to be quite disturbing. I believe in equality for women and that a woman should be able to do whatever she chooses with her life and earn just as much as a man who is in the same position as her.

In a previous post, I stated that there was a recent study (probably at least a year old at this point) done that found that between men and women in the same age bracket, women make more money than men. If I remember correctly, this was due to more education. Women tend go to school longer and earn more degrees and are now earning more money overall as a result.  To me, this makes sense; you should get paid more if you have gone to school more–regardless of gender. I think this study was very generalized and just focused on gender differences, not specific jobs, education levels, etc. Contrarily, in this new study, conclusions were made “based on comparisons between people in similar jobs, working similar hours, with similar qualifications.”

So, things have been made quite a bit more equal and the usual arguments about career choice, education level, etc. can be thrown out. Sadly, despite my belief in equality, I wasn’t surprised to read that as a result, there is still a significant gap in salary between men and women (almost $15,000 a year). However, like the researchers, I was surprised to find there was almost just as much of a difference in salary income among men (about $12,000 a year) just based on their difference of opinions! The fact that a man is getting paid significantly more than another man just because he believes that “a woman’s place is in the home and [that] . . . it is better for men to be the only breadwinners” rubs me the wrong way and completely goes against what I believe in.

And to be completely honest, I’d rather go for the poorer guy who’s not threatened to be with a woman who works than the richer one who thinks I belong at home. I don’t think I’d ever do well with a sugar daddy. Goodness knows what would happen if I end up with one. I just don’t like spending other people’s money. I’m fine with somebody buying me a drink or picking up the bill when we go out out to eat every now and then because I’d usually reciprocate but if this happened on a regular basis, I’d just always feel guilty because I hadn’t done anything to earn it.

I just can’t see myself being like that or being with somebody like that. I’d like to think that I’m a strong enough person to not back down from what I believe in and motivated enough to not just laze about the house (although, I sometimes feel like that’s what I do since my hours at the Gap are not the regular 9-5 like most people and my freelance gigs allow me to work from home).

The article goes into the hows and whys of these results, so I’m not going to. If you want to know, you can read about it (linked at the beginning of this post).

So, where do we go from here? I’d like to think that men with egalitarian views who read this and/or the article don’t try to have themselves perceived as having more traditional views just to make more money. That’s taking that “anything for a dollar” mentality just a bit too far and a bit too weak-minded and spineless for my tastes. Now, I don’t have anything against traditions. Some traditions are great and it’s obvious why they’ve stuck: They seem to work. I don’t have anything against people who have traditional views (I obviously fall into the egalitarian view category) either. I just don’t think that these types of views should affect how much money we make–either way. That should be based on merit, just like pretty much everything else in life should be. However, it sadly isn’t and there aren’t many things in life that are.

So from here, I guess all I can say is try to make the most of the hand you’ve been dealt. If you stay strong and stick to your beliefs, I guarantee that while you might not make as much money as you’d hope, you’ll be much happier with being able to be yourself and not have to fake your way through life. Sounds much more satisfying don’t you think?


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