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Leaving the land of rain, flying fish and Starbucks

Well, my sister and I made it to Idaho on Sunday night. We spent yesterday looking at apartments. It’s been really hectic, so I’ll write more and upload pictures later! Advertisements

The last time I fell into the Gap…

…I cried–not even going to lie. Not much else to say other than that I’m going to miss my Gap 1708 family. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Packing away my life

With the upcoming move, I’ve obviously been packing up. I should be doing that right now, but I’m being lazy and procrastinating. I decided to take pictures of what my room looked like before I packed things up. I’ll post the after pictures…well…after. Enjoy!          

The Great Gap 1708 (pictures galore)!

The Great Gap 1708 (pictures galore)!

As anxious as I’ve been to get out of retail and into the world of journalism, I will have to say that I will definitely miss falling into the Gap on a regular basis and this was really drilled into my head last night when I had a going away, goodbye dinner with my Gap folk […]

“Chuck Klosterman started out in North Dakota…

…and he really honed his shit there. We’re in that ‘honing our shit’ stage in our career.” -Erin Hicks, Assistant Editor at Men’s Health and Co-Creator of Awkward is Awesome She makes an excellent point. Right now as a recent graduate I’m not really in the position to be picky about where to work. It’s just like in […]

Baby Steppin’

Growing up with an Asian mother, it goes without saying that I’ve grown quite accustomed to criticism. Not that I’ve grown immune, I’ve just grown used to it. Initially she’d focus on my weight–in that I had too much of it. She was constantly comparing me with my friends as well as the daughters of […]

When I was in school…

I never gave much thought–one way or another–about people who use that phrase. From my parents and their friends, to old professors and editors, to my older sister and her friends, just about everybody I’ve encountered in my life who’s older than me, at one point or another, has used that phrase, or one similar in […]