Packing away my life

With the upcoming move, I’ve obviously been packing up. I should be doing that right now, but I’m being lazy and procrastinating. I decided to take pictures of what my room looked like before I packed things up. I’ll post the after pictures…well…after. Enjoy!

Above my bed.

Above my bed.


At the foot of my bed

At the foot of my bed.



My desk/work area.

My desk/work area.



My Harry Potter corner.

My Harry Potter corner.


3 comments on “Packing away my life

  1. sam!!
    I didn’t know you have a blog!! (blame Khristina, she’s the one who told me)

    don’t pack anymore! stay! hehe…

  2. Good bye bed, bye lamp, bye desk. Bye Sammi!

  3. Sammi, i did just the same thing b4 i left Manila, My Manila! Oh my! Our hometown! Will definitely miss you, Sammi.

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