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It’s official…I’m a reporter!!!

Check me out! Please excuse my moment of excessive vanity, but whatever. I know I’m not the only one who has these moments. So anyway, I was on the Post Register website this morning and look what I found in the Newsroom Staff page and I was pleasantly surprised to find this:

Samantha Pak
Education reporter on staff since November of 2008.
Responsible for coverage of eastern Idaho public schools, colleges, universities and private education.
Supervised by: City Editor 208-542-6764
Last job before this one: Student, University of Washington


Pretty awesome, huh? There’s also a headshot to go along with it, but I was having issues with trying to post it and plus, it’s not that great of a photo. But yeah, I’m officially a part of the PR staff! Well, I have been for awhile, but our website reflects that!

Since this is my first real job in the world of journalism, it’s pretty exciting for me. Trivial, I know. But so what? I’m sure you’ve been there or you will be there at one point so let me have my little celebration!


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