I’m not a big fan of shoes, but…

…I seem to own a lot.

Not even all the shoes I own.

Not even all the shoes I own.

So, maybe I should reword that and say, I’m not a big fan of wearing shoes. And yes, this post is probably going to be as ridiculous as it seems.

I was thinking about this today while at work. It was snowing this morning and I couldn’t wear my flats or wedges (well, I probably could’ve worn my wedges). Instead, I wore my boots, you know, to protect my feet from the cold. Now while my feet were warm and dry when I got to work, once I sat down in my little corner dungeon–there’s no window in my cubicle–they began to feel a bit claustrophobic. Now, when I’m wearing my flats or wedges, I can just slip them off.  But when I wear boots, I’ve got to unzip them and yank them off and it just takes more effort than it should.

This is also the reason why I think that if I’m ever with a guy (goodness knows when that is going to happen) and one things leads to another and we end up having sex, if I’m wearing my boots, they’re probably going to just stay on. It’s just not sexy if you’re trying to yank your off footwear and fall over. I don’t know. That’s just me. And who knows? The guy might think it’s hot (leaving the boots on, not falling over).

The offending footwear (and non-offending argyle socks).

The offending footwear (and non-offending argyle socks).

A lot of the time when I’m at work, I don’t wear shoes. What’s the point? My feet are tucked under my desk anyway and I literally face the corner like I’ve been sent there with a dunce cap on my head, to think about what I’ve done. When I wear my boots to work and I’ve got to step away from my desk, I’ll admit that I don’t always put them back on. It’s just too big of a hassle. If I’m staying in the newsroom, I’ll walk around in my socks. If I’ve got to go somewhere further away from my desk though, I’ll stuff my feet back into them and just not zip them. Nobody knows since my pants cover them.

I was thinking today that maybe I should leave a pair of slippers at work so I can wear them around the newsroom. I know what you’re thinking. Slippers at work just screams professionalism, huh? Well, it’s not like I’d wear them when I met with a source or something. Then I’d put my regular shoes on. Otherwise, I’d just keep my slippers on.


Definitely not work-acceptable slippers...got to keep looking.

Definitely not work-acceptable slippers.

I don’t know. We’ll see. I have to think about this a little more. I would need the that just slip on, though. Slipper boots like the ones I wear around my apartment would never do. And I’d probably want to avoid any with animal heads or cartoon characters at the toes. I like to think I’m past that, thank you very much.


4 comments on “I’m not a big fan of shoes, but…

  1. I like your slippers! Can I have them?
    Also, you should see my shoe collection! And I don’t even like wearing heels! I’ll take sneakers anyday!

    And yes, boots on during sex is hot.

  2. Oh yeah, I can’t figure this out. I don’t know how to edit/make a facebook badge anymore. I think they cancelled it!

  3. […] it’s just not something I’d normally choose to spend my money on. Although, I admit to owning a lot of shoes (most were on sale at time of […]

  4. I love shoes!!!! 

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