Vampires come to Seattle

The girls and I got together for our annual Christmas party and like last year, we made cookies. Last year, we made Harry Potter cookies (plus a neutral star) so this year, we made Twilight cookies! We took things a little further this time and made a video of what we think would happen if Edward, Bella and the rest of the gang (plus Dudley Dursley) headed over to Seattle. This was the result. Happy viewing!


2 comments on “Vampires come to Seattle

  1. […] My favorite part is the accordian at the beginning and the Turtles action in the middle. I just couldn’t stop laughing. Maybe we should’ve used this version instead of Britney’s in our video. […]

  2. […] only been back home once (and made a movie with the girls while there) since then and really wish I could go home more often. I get homesick a […]

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