Enjoy this while it lasts people…

From the front.

…because this is probably the last time my hair will look like this until I get it cut again.

I’ve just had one of those weeks so please excuse my moment of vanity.

My hair was getting to that I-can’t-stand-it stage where I just want to chop it off and be done with it. And so, I did! I would say that a good two to three inches, if not more, was cut off. I’ve always, more or less, had the same bob/inverted bob look so I decided to go for something different. I went for the Alice Cullen look and got choppy layers and had the stylist flip my hair out when she styled it. It’s not exactly like it, but close enough, in my opinion. We’ll see if I can replicate it after this.

From the side.

I’ll admit it’s pretty short, which is how I like my hair (anyone who knows me, knows this). But I forget that this can put you at a disadvantage in the winter because your neck is bare–even with a scarf. I relearned this the hard way after I got it cut.

I accidentally locked my keys in my car (told you it was one of those weeks…remember, Doris wasn’t feeling well earlier this week). So as I waited for the locksmith to unlock my door–a good 20 to 30 minutes since Camrys are more difficult to unlock–my neck really started to feel the cold. It was snowing. Need I say more?

Another one for shits and giggles.

As always, whenever unpleasant things happen to me, I stopped by the bookstore and bought myself two books (after having bought myself two more books last night after picking Doris up from the shop). After spending a lot of emergency money, it’s probably not the best idea to drop even more money but oh well. It’s not as if I spend a ton of money on other stuff anyway. Books are already factored into my budget–more or less. They’re pretty high up there. This quote, is a somewhat accurate picture in describing my spending habits. Hmm…I wonder what that says about me.


3 comments on “Enjoy this while it lasts people…

  1. Sounds like Doris had a rough week as well. I love the hair though!!

  2. […] is any indication, has increased exponentially (personally, I think it’s been because of this post)–feel cheated by this or if they don’t really care. But I feel bad because it gives me […]

  3. bad week….nice hair

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