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Some things you just never grow out of

There was a four-year age gap between them. But their relationship dated back 19 years so she didn’t even notice it. They’d been together for so long, she often forgot she was four years older.

Thinking back to their first encounter, she remembered the moment she laid eyes on him. She knew he was going home with her. She didn’t care what other people thought or what they said. She wanted him and that was that.

He was cute but not in the conventional way. His nose was a bit too long, his ears a bit too floppy. None of that mattered. She took him home and that night, they shared a bed.

For nearly two decades it was that way.

No matter what she went through, he was there for her. Waiting at the end of the day to comfort her after a bad one or to celebrate after a good one. He wasn’t much of a talker but he was always willing to listen if she wanted to talk–which wasn’t often. A lot of the time, she would just lay in bed and snuggle with him. And that was enough.

When it came time for her to pick up her life and move, there was no question or hesitation that he was going with her. In a brand new city, a brand new living environment, he provided her with the companionship she needed and reminded her of home.

They still shared a bed and every morning she would remove the comforter–because no matter how many times she made sure his head was above it, he always ended up burrowed underneath–smiling at her. Seeing his face first thing in the morning never failed to bring a smile to her face.

At her age, some might think she was too old to have a “toy.” But just as she didn’t care what they thought when she brought him home, she didn’t care now.

You're never too grown up for an old friend.

You're never too grown up for an old friend.


One comment on “Some things you just never grow out of

  1. =)

    At first I thought it was going to be a story about a puppy haha.
    And I love how you mentioned that you tuck Dumbo in the sheets too… and that you make sure his head is above the covers so he breathe.

    I’m glad Dumbo is there for you. A true friend indeed!

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