Fictional love is still love

TomKat. Bennifer. And let’s not forget everybody’s favorite: Brangelina.

I’ve got to admit that while I know probably everything there is to know about the Harry Potter culture, I honestly don’t follow pop culture much and know next to nothing when it comes to celebrity gossip. So, I really don’t care about the aforementioned couples.

Be that as it may, when it comes to certain fictional couples, I admit to having some very strong feelings.

I’ve thought about this a lot. About why I have more invested in the love lives of people who aren’t even real–even more than my own. The conclusion I’ve come up with is that, for the most part, I tend to invest more into these relationships if I find the male half attractive.

Good lord, I just read that. It sounds like how I would approach a real relationship where I’m the female half. I promise I’m not that shallow.

Anyway, the reason I’m bringing this up is because this week the series finale for ER aired. And just as with the end of any show where viewers want to know their favorite characters have a happy ending, I wanted my favorite ER character(s) to have a happy ending.

If you’ve read this post, you’ll know that Shane West is on my “hot celebrity guys” list. So it should come as no surprise that Dr. Ray Barnett,  his ER alter ego, is my favorite character on the show even though he left several seasons ago. It was always my hope to see Dr. Neela Rasgotra, his roomie-turned-love-of-his-life, finally wise up and realize Ray was who she was meant to be with.

Its about time she figured it out!

It's about time she figured it out!

I was beyond thrilled when this FINALLY happened. I admit to squealing with delight when he finally turned around to see her standing there. It was one of my girlier moments. I’m such a Reela shipper that I’ve watched their story several times. I’ve never visited that website but the fact that I watch the videos all the time says something.

Ahh...awkward teenage love at its finest.

Ahh...awkward teenage love at its finest.

Another fictional couple (I’m only doing current television…going into film, literature or shows now off the air would be to much) I admit to obsessing over is Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor of Friday Night Lights. Their relationship started out so wonderfully awkward but it’s shaped up quite nicely. Plus, Zach Gilford is another one on my list–true, he’s an alternate but still.

She can probably hear his heart beating like crazy...just for her.

She can probably hear his heart beating like crazy...just for her.

Michael Scofield and Sara Tancredi from Prison Break are another couple I love to root for. The premise of the show and their relationship (a convicted felon who falls in love with the prison doctor and now they’re both on the run) is so unrealistic but something about these two just makes you believe. Plus Wentworth Miller’s another list member.

Will you stop fighting and just kiss already?

Will you stop fighting and just kiss already?

I’m also a big fan of Clark Kent and Lois Lane (the Smallville edition). Although Tom Welling isn’t on my list, I still love them and hope for them to finally get together because they’re just so funny together. With all their bickering, it’s that whole love/hate thing they’ve got going on. Not unlike Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger (I know I said I wouldn’t mention literature or film but come on, it’s Harry Potter!).


4 comments on “Fictional love is still love

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  2. haha, this was adorable. yea, it definitely is so easy to get caught up in fictional love.

    but clark and lois? really? i haven’t watched the show for a few seasons now, but I still loved it when he was with Lana. are they not together anymore?

  3. So that’s why you like to watch TV!!! Haha!

  4. @a1chemist – Thanks! And yes it is soooo easy to get caught up in fictional love. I think that’s what happens when you’ve been single too long. As for Clark and Lana, even before Lois came onto the show, I didn’t like them together. I’m not sure why. I just thought it was so awkward between them. And not in a good way. They did the whole on-again-off-again thing for a few seasons and now they’re broken up for good.

    @Wynn – I don’t watch as much TV as some people or as much as I used to. But yes, that’s part of why I watch TV 🙂

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