If I had that kind of pull…

A few months ago I read this book where one of the main characters was a journalist. As the story goes on, she ends up getting fired from her job because she kept pestering this other woman for an interview and the other woman ended up complaining to her editor.

When I read this, I just thought what kind of editor is that? It’s been my experience that editors prefer it when you go for the hard-to-get interviews. Those usually end up being the best stories.

So, I stopped to think about who I’d want to interview. Here are my top picks (and yes, I do realize some of these people are fictional):

  1. Author’s roundtable with J.K. RowlingJasper Fforde, Christopher Moore and Diana Wynne Jones – Rowling created the ultimate battle of good versus evil; Fforde takes nursery rhymes and turns them into nursery crimes; Moore wrote the story of Christ’s life; and Jones can created the Related Worlds. Can you imagine what it’d be like to have all of that creative genius in one room?
  2. Harry Potter – Come on, he’s The Boy Who Lived! The Chosen One. That in itself has got to make for a fascinating interview. Although, I’ll admit it’d be a bit difficult landing one since his experiences with Rita Skeeter have probably soured him on journalists–both magical and muggle.
  3. Tom Riddle (AKA Lord Voldemort) – It’d be interesting to talk to the most evil person who ever lived. It’d be even more interesting if I could interview him and Harry together. Man, I can just see those sparks fly (literally and figuratively).
  4. Christopher Chant (AKA Chrestomanci in the Related Worlds) – What’s it like to be in charge of magic in multiple worlds? What was his courtship with Millie (formerly known as The Living Asheth) like?
  5. Eminem – He makes great music that give us insight into his extremely interesting–not to mention controversial–life. What’s it like to live such a public life and how can he be so open about sharing everything?
  6. Brian Williams – He’s the anchor at NBC Nightly News but I enjoy watching him when he goes on talk shows. He’s gone on SNL, which is quite brave for a news anchor and was better than expected. This is one of my favorite digital shorts.

I wanted to go for a nice round 10 but I can’t seem to think of anymore people–although with the first one, that’s technically four people so I do have nine. Not exactly controversial except maybe teh fifth one but there you go.

What do you think it says about me that a third of my list are fictional characters from “children’s” literature?


6 comments on “If I had that kind of pull…

  1. Too bad we don’t have a TV talk show like Ellen Degeneres. I’d love to imagine the first one on your list. That’d be so cool!

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