Move over Cera, the next Superbad star is born!

I’ve recently joined 20 Something Bloggers as a way to up my traffic and find new people to read. Part of the site, like Facebook, are groups you can join and meet people online with similar interests. Well, I joined one for Arrested Development (honestly, one of the best shows of all time). On one of the discussion boards, the question of which Bluth family member you would be was asked. I took the quiz and here are my results:

George Michael

Congrats! You’re George Michael! Timid, hard working…but that’s okay, becuase everyone loves you.

I guess it could be worse. I could be a George Senior and turn to a life of white collar crime and be wrongly accused of light treason, G.O.B. (George Oscar Bluth), who’s an awful magician with wicked stage music or Lindsay, the spoiled princess of the family who rarely remembers she has a daugther.

Being an awkward teenage boy who’s in love with my cousin who may or may not be related to me isn’t so bad. I mean, I’ve already got the awkward part down!

2 comments on “Move over Cera, the next Superbad star is born!

  1. *sigh* Never watched arrested developement and probably never will. I guess you can miss out on a lot if you don’t watch prime-time television.

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