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The price of beauty…

…yeah, not really sure it’s worth it.

My sister’s best friend is getting married next month and she invited me. It’s in Cozumel, Mexico so of course I’m going to say yes. Why wouldn’t I?

Well, after I said yes, I realized I would need to get a dress for the occasion. I already have a dress for the reception (semi-formal/cocktail dress code) but I needed one for the ceremony, which will be on the beach. It’s a white wedding so I got a white dress. But then I realized (ugh) I needed shoes and jewelry to go with both dresses because well, I don’t really have anything. And I figured I should put that girly gene of mine–yes, I have one–to good use.

After the shopping trips (yes, plural) I’ve had over the last few weeks, I’ve decided that sometimes I’m just too damned cheap to be a girl. Or, at least girly. I understand buying nice shoes and jewelry for special occasions but it’s just not something I’d normally choose to spend my money on. Although, I admit to owning a lot of shoes (most were on sale at time of purchase).

Ugh, the price we ladies pay to look good. I’d much rather spend my money on more important things like books. Or food.


One comment on “The price of beauty…

  1. I went shopping with the ex btw.
    He spent $800 at Seven (3 pairs of jeans at $200 each!!! and two shirts!!!)
    And totally, probably dropped $1500 in one day.

    I don’t blame you for being frugal. Books are a much better investment!

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