I’ve been here how long? Really?

Today is the six-month anniversary of my move to Idaho Falls. Exactly half a year ago, my sister and I were driving through Washington, Oregon and Idaho as I ventured off to start my new job.

It’s one of those things where it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long but it also feels like I’ve been here longer.

Since I’ve moved I’ve had a lot of time on my own (a lot of time) and have learned a lot about myself–both as a journalist and as a person.

When it comes to my work, I’ve learned what I’m good at and what I need to work on. It’s become clear that I’m pretty good when it comes to writing feature-y type stories. You know, the fluffier stuff. That type of writing comes pretty easy for me. Maybe it’s because I’ve had more experience as a features writer when I was in college or maybe it’s because I feel I can be more creative with these pieces. It’s probably a bit of both. Whatever it is, I know that if you give me some sort of school event, program or field trip or whatever to cover, I can easily write it up for you in a very short period of time (if I’m motivated enough and not distracted…usually on deadline).

But if you give  me hard news to cover, things get a bit iffy. Hard news is not my favorite stuff to write but I feel I’m getting better. For awhile it was pretty intimidating but now it’s not so bad. I just approach the stories the same way I’d approach the features stories. I just look at all my pieces and think how best I can tell people’s stories. This has helped me tremendously.

And since I’ve realized this and starting doing this, I feel more like a journalist. I’ve always viewed myself more as a writer than a journalist but nowadays I think I see myself as a balanced combination of both.

As for what I’ve learned about myself as a person, I’ve learned I don’t really mind solitude. Living by myself in a town where most (okay, pretty much all) my friends are through work, isn’t too bad. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I definitely get bouts of loneliness but for the most part I don’t mind being on my own. It’s been hard for me to make friends but that doesn’t really bother me. I’ve got great family and friends back home and I talk with them on a regular basis. And sometimes, that’s enough for me.

But you know, it’s definitely not the same as having them around. Since I moved, I’ve learned how close I am with my family. I don’t necessarily mean close as in we’re very open and share everything with each other. I mean we’re close in that now that I’ve moved out, I’ve realized how big of a part of my life they are. I talk to at least one of my parents on a weekly basis and my sister even more so (it’s almost daily at times). And as sad as it is for me to be away from them, it’s pleased me to know I’m the type of person to whom family is very important. Obviously they’ve always been important to me but once I left, I realized just how important they are. It’s one of those you-don’t-miss-it-till-it’s-gone things.

Although I’m pretty well-adjusted here in IF, I can get pretty homesick (I’ve just had a wave of it in the last few days). That’s why I cannot wait till July because I’ll be heading home for a week! I’m sooo excited and can’t wait to see everybody. Plus, since it’ll be summer, we’ll have some pretty decent weather so I’ll actually be able to do something, unlike my last trip.

Three months just can’t go by any slower.


3 comments on “I’ve been here how long? Really?

  1. I cant wait until you get back here either. It was bad enough when you went to rome for three months. At least you’re still in the same country this time around. =)
    I miss you and I’m glad you’ve made a smooth transition to IF. Seattle loves you more though.

  2. Let me tell you, a new place can surprise you. At six months (Sept. 2006), I was still pretty eager to leave Yakima…but then around that time I met a whole bunch of people out of nowhere (including my finance!)

    Anyway I’m glad you have a great attitude about everything. Stick to it, I think it will get better for you!
    Give me a call when you get back, maybe I can drive over and have lunch/dinner with you and Wynn. (:

  3. I can absolutely relate to the statement: “It’s one of those things where it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, but it also feels like I’ve been here longer.”
    I have been in France just a but longer than you in Idaho, but time is constantly playing tricks on me.

    It is wonderful that you are able to look back and establish the growth you are gaining from this experience.

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