Sammi’s plans on what to say

I’ve been doing some thinking about my blog and what kind of stuff I want to write about–especially with this 30-day challenge. It’s hard coming up with new stuff and I’ll admit during this challenge, I’ve used old poems and old homework assignments and have even copped out. I’m going to try to keep it to a minimum but I’ve got 17 days left in this challenge so no guarantees.

I want to do more narrative journalism/non-fiction pieces like my last one so I’m going to make it my goal to try to do one per month. I want each one to be about my experiences here in IF so hopefully this will help me get out into the community and get a life (which would accomplish one of my goals for the year).

Since Knox Dupree began accepting submissions, I’ve been thinking about writing something for his blog, the heartbroke daily (obviously, no guarantee it’ll get posted). I’ve started writing already but because of the nature of the piece and the fact that it’s pretty personal and involves another person, I’ve been hesitant to even finish it, let alone submit it. I’m having a case of TMI paranoia like Wynn. I guess I’ll just try to finish writing it and we’ll see if I post it (here or on HBD) or not.

It’s no secret I’m a bookworm. If I’ve recently visited the library, I can easily go through a book a day. So, I think it only makes sense that I should write reviews of these books. I’ve done a few in the past when I get the urge but I’m going to make a conscious effort to do more on a semi-regular basis.

There’s also that often-talked about blog that I’ve yet to post. It’s been six months and I still haven’t gotten that far. Although, I’ve been thinking about it and I think I’m going to change things a bit when I finally get around (I have plans for it in the next month, honest!).

I’m sure there’s other things I want to write about (they tend to come at me all the time) but for now this is more than enough to keep me busy through the challenge.


3 comments on “Sammi’s plans on what to say

  1. You’ve built up all the anticipation for this blog and I can’t wait to read it. It had better be good though since you’re making us wait so long!

    “…hopefully this will help me get out into the community and get a life.”
    That made me laugh. That last part is just too funny!

    In any case, this challenge is definitely a hard one! I’ve been taking notes on every possible thing that I can write on but a girl can only have so mnay ideas…

  2. […] actually been a long time coming. It’s that freaking post that I’ve mentioned time and time again. Hopefully, it lives up to the expectation. I don’t know when I’ll have the first […]

  3. I say write that story, do not let the nature of the piece stop you, it IS the nature that makes it awesome!

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