It just figures

Growing up in the land of perpetual rain (or at least around it), you’d expect a girl like me to know better than to keep my car windows open under the threat of showers.

And for the most part I do. Back home, I’d only been caught with my windows down (not my pants, or I guess you can say both) once and that was when I was working an eight-hour shift at the Gap and the weather went from wonderfully warm and sunny to cloudy and wet quite unexpectedly–although, I’m not sure just  how unexpectedly since it is western Washington.

Well, needless to say, it’s happened to me again. Lately, the weather here in Idaho Falls has been all over the place. We’ve had sun, snow, rain and hail all in the course of this past week. So you’d think I’d be prepared to expect the unexpected.


I left my windows and sun roof slightly open when I arrived back at work after returning from an interview. The weather seemed decent and dry so I didn’t think too much of it. I mean, seriously. This is almost the freaking desert!

Well that was a mistake. About three hours later–if even–the downpour started and I didn’t even realize until I got up from my desk to talk to my editor. Remember, I have no windows in my corner so I couldn’t look outside.

I literally grabbed my keys and ran out the door to close my windows and sun roof but not after getting spotted from the rain. I have a box of tissue in the back of my car so I used some to wipe down the seats. They’re not completely dry yet but whatever, the driver’s side is dry and that’s all that matters. Since I’ve been here I’ve had a total of four people take a ride in Doris so I’m not too concerned with the other seats.


2 comments on “It just figures

  1. At least they’re leather! Still sucks when though. I’ve had it happen to me once too. Back in July of ’06 when we had that really nice summer, I kept my windows down all the time until that one unlukcy night when it rained. Sad day.

  2. I remember thinking your car was so clean because all you had in the back seat was a box of tissues…

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