A long time coming…

‘Cause we all just wanna be big rock stars
And live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars
The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap
We’ll all stay skinny cause we just won’t eat

And we’ll hang out in the coolest bars
In the VIP with the movie stars
Every good gold digger’s gonna wind up there
Every Playboy bunny with her bleach blond hair and well,
Hey hey I wanna be a rock star
Hey hey I wanna be a rock star

-“Rockstar” by Nickelback

This was never me. I can honestly say I never really entertained the idea of becoming a rockstar (or any other type of celebrity, for that matter). As I’ve said it before, for long as I could remember, I’ve always wanted to do something that had me writing for a living. And I’m fortunate enough to be able to say that I am.

It goes without saying that I didn’t choose this profession for the financial and job security that comes with it. And because of that, parental support wasn’t always there (it’s still kind of sketchy even though I have a “real” job). Sometimes–as bad as this sounds–I think it might be an Asian thing. Careers in math-, science- or technology-related fields were encouraged; careers in liberal arts-related fields, not so much.

This got me thinking about others who are or have been in the same boat as me: Asian American women in journalism.

How did they get into the field? Why? What have their experiences been like? Etc.

Well, I talked with a few women who I’ve met over the years to more or less, compare notes. So, in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, I’ve decided to dedicate a post to each woman throughout the month. This has actually been a long time coming. It’s that freaking post that I’ve mentioned time and time again. Hopefully, it lives up to the expectation. I don’t know when I’ll have the first post up but I will finish all by the end of the month. I swear.


2 comments on “A long time coming…

  1. I hate Nickelback… almost as much as I hate Creed.

    When I read the first few lines of the lyrics, it made me think about how sometimes I pretend that I’m on the run from paparrazi.

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