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Jinxed into silence

I’m usually not the superstitious type but  there are some things I just can’t help. I’m always thinking about things to write here and I do have a few ideas that I’ll be getting to. But sometimes there are things I’m a bit leery of writing because I’m worried of jinxing myself. I feel like if I wrote about them, it would be like I’m gloating and once that happens something bad will happen.

I know it’s ridiculous but there you go. I’ll think it over a little bit longer so we’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, I’ve been continuing my obsession and found this quote from Calvin Ferguson hilarious:

We can win the car, the cash, the washer/dryer!

This is right after Calvin “figures out” who Ghostwriter is and kind of what he does. Part of his vision (besides Brooklyn–not world–domination) is them going on game shows and using Ghostwriter to cheat and get all the answers. Apparently, this is what he sees them winning.

Now, the car and cash I understand. Who wouldn’t get excited for that? But a washer/dryer? What kind of kid gets excited about that? Seriously. Calvin’s got to think through his domination plans. What’s he going to do? Clean his enemies? Well, he can throw them in the dryer and shrink them afterwards. That would make them less threatening, I guess?


One comment on “Jinxed into silence

  1. I get pretty excited about washer/dryers. I like to watch them spin. AND they clean stuff. How cool is that?

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