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Rest in Peace, Your Majesty

Today, the music industry and the whole world over lost a great icon. I can go on about the late Michael Jackson’s career and his contributions to music and pop culture in general, but frankly, I’ve got to admit I’m not exactly an MJ buff. Plus, there are tons of people out there who would […]

Too scared to date?

One of my biggest fears in life is becoming a hypocrite. When it comes to dating, relationships and all things romantic, I tend to have some very strong opinions about things. After my–admittedly, limited–experiences in the dating game (not to mention my obsession with romance novels), I know how I want a guy to treat […]

The Second V-Card

Here’s a guest post from my friend Wynn over at (Wynn)Squared. I wrote a guest post for her blog last week and so she returned the favor. I told her to pick any topic she wanted and this is what she chose. Enjoy: When I talk about v-cards, I don’t mean the typical Valentine’s Day […]

Too brief a conversation

The first time I saw you was a Saturday evening. I was sitting in one of the extra cushy chairs just outside the café area in Barnes and Noble when you sat down across from me. I looked up from my usual romance novel and stared. Initially, it was because you reminded me of my […]

A survey of random stuff

A very old and random fill-in-the-blank survey courtesy of Jackie, one of my best friends. My ex: is someone I can still talk to about a lot of things, despite the fact that we don’t talk very often, anymore. Maybe I should: try harder to get a life. I love: reading. I don’t understand: why […]

Sammi’s saying things elsewhere

Check out my guest post over at my best friend’s blog, (Wynn)Squared! Unlike me, she doesn’t write for a living but that doesn’t mean she’s not a good writer. The thing I love about her blog is that she writes about anything and everything. Almost no subject is taboo, which I truly admire because although […]

Feast your eyes on this!

Feast your eyes on this!

Since I started living on my own, I’ve been forced to feed myself. That means cooking for myself. So, I’ve taken a page out of my cousin’s book and decided to start taking pictures of what I make (although, she posted them on Facebook, which I’ll do, eventually). Here are some things I’ve made in […]