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My travels at home continued

I’ve been home more than a week and I still haven’t written about the rest of my trip home. So, here’s a brief recap:

Friday May 22

Past meets present with Mariners' number 51, Ichiro up to the plate and former Mariners' 51 Randy Johnson pitching.

Past meets present with Mariners' number 51, Ichiro up to the plate and former Mariners' 51 Randy Johnson pitching.

I did some downtown shopping with my sister (including Barnes and Noble) and then we went to the Mariners game against the San Francisco Giants. We met up with my cousin, her fiance and our family friend Jason and we got our hot dogs on Occidental (THE place to get your food for a game, not in Safeco Field). Former Mariner Randy Johnson was the starting pitcher for the Giants, which is a fitting team for him since he’s 6’10” tall. That’s almost two feet taller than me!

The Giants scored a run in the first inning with their very first batter, which wasn’t too reassuring. But we caught up in the sixth (if I remember correctly) inning to tie it one to one. That was still the score at the bottom of the ninth. It was two outs, bases loaded. I was focused on what was going on between the pitcher’s mound and home plate (nothing) when the crowd started making noise. I didn’t get it at first since nothing was going on. But then I stood up and looked down and who did I see warming up?

Number 24, baby!

Number 24, baby!

That’s right my friend, Ken Griffey Jr! He wasn’t part of the starting line up, which really disappointed me because we all know how excited I was when I found out he was returning to Seattle. Well, when he came up to the plate, I was so excited. After a few balls and a few strikes, he smacks it straight into center field. I stood up (I may have still been standing but I don’t remember), threw my arms up and cheered in victory because it looked like it was “Goodbye baseball!”

Unfortunately, it was just a pop fly and one of the Giants’ outfielders caught it and it was three outs. My entire body deflated (not literally, Wynn) and my cheering died in my throat, ending in a disappointed groan. The older man next to me started laughing at me and said he thought I’d scream it out of the park.

I thought so too!

Obviously that didn’t pan out. We stayed till the bottom of the next inning but nobody but Jason and I wanted to stay. I was greatly disappointed because it wasn’t until the bottom of the twelfth that we won it. I found this out when we got home.

I was sad I couldn’t stay for the whole game, but what can you do? I got to go to a game and got my hot dog, so it’s all good!

Saturday May 23

I didn’t do too much during the day but my sister and I did go to Half-Price Books, which made me very happy. For lunch, we went to Costco (not even kidding). I had the chicken bake, my sister had a hot dog and we split an ice cream bar.

My parents took me to West Seattle where my aunt and uncle have their gas station and convenient store. The last time I visited at Christmas, only half the family was there. So I was pleasantly surprised to see both my aunt and uncle and my two cousins at the store.

Reunited, baby!

Reunited, baby!

That night, I went to a “Sex and the City” dinner (not my name for it) with the girls. We went to Pearl in Bellevue, which used to Trader Vic’s, the restaurant where we had our last dinner. It was pretty nice because we hadn’t had a fancy dinner like that in almost two years because we weren’t all in the same state.

Afterwards, Jessica, Wynn and I went to Palomino for drinks at happy hour before heading to The Parlor for some good ol’ dancing.

It was really fun because I hadn’t gone dancing in about a year. Add to that the fact that I’d had less than one day off since Christmas, I definitely needed to let loose.

We also ran into a bunch of people from high school. I hadn’t seen some of them in years, so it was fun seeing them again, even though we couldn’t really speak much over the music.

Sunday May 24

Fobby the house elf at your service!

Fobby the house elf at your service!

The morning and afternoon was mostly spent getting the house ready for the party we were having that evening/night. We’d done the cleaning the  day before so we were mostly working on preparing food.

It was mostly family friends but Jessica and Wynn came and some of my sister’s friends came too. My ex came over as well. This was after my mom suggested I invite him, which was an odd conversation since she never liked us together anyway. However, his parents know mine, he kind of falls under the family friends category.

Again, it was great seeing people even though they were constantly asking me the same questions. They seemed genuinely interested in what was going on with me in Idaho Falls so I tolerated it.

While she was there, Wynn got her costume for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere in July. She was going to be Dobby the house elf but after finding a rice sack at my parents’ house, she decided to be Fobby the house elf. It was pretty sweet.

Monday May 25

Sadly, this was the day for me to return to Idaho Falls. My flight was in the evening so my sister and I went shopping (again) at the outlet mall up in Marysville. Ironically, I’m not a big fan of shopping (despite having worked in retail for four years) but I was the only one who got anything.

It was sad waiting at the airport but life is filled with happy and sad moments. Now, I’m waiting for my next happy moment when I head back home in July.

Only 40 days, baby!


One comment on “My travels at home continued

  1. I think it’s so cool that the rice sack had your last name on it! YAY!

    But yeah, I hate that you’re back in Idaho. *sigh* It’s so sad without you here. I can’t wait until July… why does that seem so far away?

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