Feast your eyes on this!

Since I started living on my own, I’ve been forced to feed myself. That means cooking for myself. So, I’ve taken a page out of my cousin’s book and decided to start taking pictures of what I make (although, she posted them on Facebook, which I’ll do, eventually). Here are some things I’ve made in the last week and a half since I returned from home:

My mom would be proud.

My mom would be proud.

One of my favorite Cambodian dishes is loc lac, which is a Cambodian salad. I made it with green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, mushrooms and stir-fried beef and onions. The dressing is white vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar and a little bit of water. It’s typically served with a side of white rice.

Thanks Giada!

Thanks Giada!

Now that I have cable, I admit to having become a bit obsessed with the Food Network and the majority of my TV watching is spent on this channel. I get a lot of recipes from the shows. Here’s a chocolate honey almond tart from Giada at Home. The name pretty much explains what’s in it. I liked it but it’s very chocolatey so you can only eat so much. I recommend small slices.

Multiply this by twelve.

Multiply this by twelve.

This is another Giada recipe but this is from Everyday Italian. I’ve made lasagna before (according to the recipe on the Barilla box) so I found this variation, lasagna rolls, intriguing. I made it tonight and I’d say it turned out pretty well. The rolls are placed on top of a bechamel sauce and topped with cheese and marinara sauce–which I make myself, thank you very much. Each roll is one lasagna noodle stuffed with (more) cheese and spinach. I thought it was pretty good, which is good since there are a total of 12 rolls. Looks like I’m going to be eating these babies for awhile.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll try to post more as I cook more.


6 comments on “Feast your eyes on this!

  1. Good job on the cooking! I think having the desire to take pictures of your meals, makes you take more pride in the preparations, which is “a good thing” as Martha would say.

    I would agree that Food Network is quality television. It has been awhile due to my current geographic location, but Leslie has kept me a little updated.. at least she informed me of Giada’s new show, Giada at Home, since she is now a mother she is working from home.

    • I really enjoy watching food network too. It’s relaxing and makes me happy.
      And way cool for quoting Martha Stewart. She’s my monotone hero haha.

  2. […] I was living on my own (and had cable and was able to watch the Food Network), it’s no secret I love to cook. While I have no real problem with pasta, sandwiches, (some) meat dishes, and desserts, I […]

  3. […] been passed down to me — at least when it comes to Cambodian food. It’s no secret that I like to cook. I just haven’t had much opportunity to try my hand at Cambodian cuisine. I can prepare basic […]

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