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A survey of random stuff

A very old and random fill-in-the-blank survey courtesy of Jackie, one of my best friends.

  1. My ex: is someone I can still talk to about a lot of things, despite the fact that we don’t talk very often, anymore.
  2. Maybe I should: try harder to get a life.
  3. I love: reading.
  4. I don’t understand: why some people feel the need to turn their windshield wipers on full speed when it’s merely sprinkling outside. Growing up in western Washington has turned me into something of a rain snob.
  5. I lost: sight of what’s important in life my senior year in high school and kind of had a breakdown because of it.
  6. People say I’m: short. They’re right.
  7. Love is: pretty sweet if you can find it.
  8. Somewhere, someone is: thinking I’m the girl of his dreams. Now, I just have to find him.
  9. I will always: be ready with a book recommendation of some sort. Just ask me.
  10. “Forever” is: a long-ass time. Don’t make promises using that word unless you really mean it.
  11. I never want to: be the type of person who puts work before the people I love.
  12. I think the current President is: pretty cool.
  13. When I woke up in the morning: I wanted to go back to sleep, as usual. I’m so not a morning person.
  14. My past was: a pretty good one. I have no real complaints.
  15. I get annoyed when: people don’t signal while driving.
  16. Parties are for: meeting new people, although all I tend to do is sit around and people watch.
  17. My dog is: non-existent.
  18. Tomorrow: I’ll go back to work after a much needed three-day weekend.
  19. I really want: a digital reading device.
  20. I have low tolerance for people who: have an inflated sense of importance and little consideration for others and I’m not afraid to show it. You’ll know my displeasure, trust me.
  21. In public: it’s always important to watch what you say.
  22. Today: is only 40 minutes old at this point.
  23. My last dream was about: (at least, the last one I can remember) me and my ex bus-hopping around this weird version of the International District in Seattle as we searched for the bus stop where we’d left our backpacks. And when we finally found the bus stop, the backpacks–not surprisingly–were gone.
  24. I suck at: flirting. Actually, I suck at the whole male-female thing because I’m usually too shy to approach or make my interest known to someone I think is cute. The only reason I ever had a boyfriend in the past is probably because I grew up with him.

One comment on “A survey of random stuff

  1. Haha my dog is non existant.
    Today is only 40 minutes old.

    You are so funny!

    My favroite one is:
    “Forever” is: a long-ass time. Don’t make promises using that word unless you really mean it.

    You are so wise, Sammi!

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