The Second V-Card

Here’s a guest post from my friend Wynn over at (Wynn)Squared. I wrote a guest post for her blog last week and so she returned the favor. I told her to pick any topic she wanted and this is what she chose. Enjoy:

When I talk about v-cards, I don’t mean the typical Valentine’s Day card that you get in middle school. I mean one’s virginity. And even though I’m not posting this over at (Wynn)Squared today, I figured it’s okay to keep up with my tradition of over-sharing on the internetz.

I came to a brilliant conclusion today while I was pretending to be busy at work. I believe that losing your second virginity is probably even more exciting than losing your first. You laugh now but think about it. Think to the first time you had sex. You were possibly, excited, anxious, nervous, scared, lost… sounds like a lot was going through your mind. Were you really able to enjoy yourself? Meh. That emotional stew is not worthy of your cookbook of “top tens.” (Pretend that sentence made sense.)

The second time is going to be much more fun. You have experience and perhaps a few tricks up your sleeve and that’s a formula for a good time!

Neither Sammi nor I have lost our second V-card (I had to embarrass her in here too*). I don’t know if she’s as excited for the next person as much as I am though. The important part here is that I don’t just go after some guy and lose my second virginity to him. Even though sex is great, it’s vital that the number to sexual partners remains low. I’d like to be able to count them on one hand. I think it’s safe to say that virginity number two is even more important than virginity number one. Actually, they’re all meaningless after the second one anyway. So go forth and lose your virginity again! It’ll be amazing!

*Note from Sammi: I’m not embarrassed that I haven’t lost my second V-card. I think sex, whether you’re with your first partner or fifth, should be with someone special. I just haven’t found that someone yet.


14 comments on “The Second V-Card

  1. I’m so much of a romantic that I haven’t lost my first v-card…As a practicing Mormon I believed it was important to wait until marriage to give that part of myself to the woman I’ll be spending the rest of my life with.

    But I have since become agnostic, maybe I’m just not suave enough to lose the first v-card. I need to be more outgoing I guess.

  2. Josh,

    nothing wrong with waiting. good things come to those who wait or some crap like that.

    I just dont know where to find willing guys. Am i that hideous? Ok kidding. I dont give it away for free either. I’m just antsy to get rid of this second one so that I get some frickin closure.

  3. I ended up handing my second v-card to a complete butthead. The guy had kids and I never even knew…yeah. Messed up. I would have never even considered dating a man who already had children at that time, no less than a man who doesnt even claim them. I respect you guys for putting so much worth on who you lose your second virginity too. I SURELY wish I could take that one back! I dont regret my first at all surprisingly enough.

  4. I have to agree on the 1st V-card being able to have less importance. When I lost Vcard1 I was young and nervous and felt pressured. The person I was with was more experienced and made it seem like it shouldn’t be a big deal. Well I still consider that vcard incident a mistake. To the point where my friends know not ever to mention her name around me.

    Years later I did have a 2nd experience, with someone I loved and was with for a year before we got to that point. That’s the time I like to remember whenever someone mentions vcards.

    Everyone has their views on waiting/knowing the right time/etc and there’s no right or wrong. Well, morally I think some answers are wrong, but that’s just my opinion. The most important thing that matters is that it occurs when both people are ready and comfortable. In my (limited) experience (less than 1 hand) I’ve never asked/attempted to go to that level, until she would initiate/ask. And granted that’s less romantic, but I’d rather have never done that then ever running the risk of pressuring someone. Sure rejection isn’t good, but my biggest fear would be someone who might ‘let it happen’ because they didn’t want to speak up and say no.

    Then again, I’m not your average guy. I bet I could name 15 or so non-sexual things to do with someone I liked that I could enjoy more than sex. (Key word is could, every situation is different) =P But I won’t wasted enough of your comment space already, lol

    • I enjoyed reading your comment very much. You should name 15 things. I’m sure Sammi won’t mind you using up her comment space. Here is my list:

      1. Motorcycle ride.
      2. Star gaze.
      3. SNOWBOARD!
      4. Watch a movie and/or snuggle.
      5. Massages and back scratches. Those are the best.
      6. Cook together. It’s more fun with other people.
      7. People watch.
      8. Play videogames.
      9. Debate. Chyeah.. I’m serious.
      10. Walk the dog. Take him to a dog park.
      11. Road trip!!!
      12. Dancing– any kind. Salsa, blues, swing, or what kids do now a adays.
      13. Dry hump. I love being inappropriate.
      14. Social experiements: Go to a restaurant and get free bread and water. Then ask for the check. Stand in an elevator facing the other way. Stand on the street and pretend you’re a statue.
      15. Or if you’re in Seattle, go to Pike Place Market and throw around some fish!

      And yes, comfort and knowing when you’re ready is the best way to know when it’s time to take that step! We’re so smart! =)

  5. I would give you my whole deck of V-cards and it wouldn’t mater because every time with you would make me feel “excited, anxious, nervous,” every time with you I would treat like the first, sensual, passionate, wild, nasty… memorable. I’d give you my whole deck of V-cards one by one, day by day until the day came when you would say “go fish” but for those passing days you would no longer need a cookbook of top 10’s, you would have a single recipe for fist clenching, toe curling, screaming pleasure hand delivered to you anytime you asked.

  6. I already folded my hand 😦

  7. F*** the V-card, i want your heart

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