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It’s all about proximity

Four’s not necessarily a bad number. It’s just a matter of how close together they are or if they overlap. -Me Advertisements

Long time, no (substantial) post…

…and this post probably isn’t much better. I’ve just been too busy, hot, tired, lazy, etc. to sit down and think of something meaningful to write. I still haven’t gotten around to writing about my trip home, either so that’s next on my list. I’ve got some freelance pieces I have to write this week […]

My life according to N*E*R*D

Wynn posted this on her Facebook and I found it amusing so I thought I’d do it too! I’m supposed to use only song names from one artist to answer these questions (I’ll post about my trip home later). Pick Your Artist: N*E*R*D Are you a male or female? Baby Doll Describe yourself: Rock Star […]

A conversation with my dad

A conversation with my dad

My dad and I went to the Mariners game today. Now, we’re both the type of people who pretty much focus on the game and don’t really talk much while watching. But we do like to discuss the game. Here’s a conversation he and I had when designated hitter, Ken Griffey Jr. had a base […]

My usual pre-Seattle post

Well, I’m going back home tomorrow and I cannot wait! I’ve been in a weird rut here in Idaho Falls and I think this trip will do me good. I’ll be home for a week and so I’ll try to update as much as possible. So, stay tuned!

Check mate!

The room fills with the silence of multiple royal courts hustling noiselessly around checkered floors. While queens glide gracefully in every direction and knights gallop forwards, backwards or side-to-side on their ever-noble steeds, kings keep their movements around the floor to a minimum. Men quietly observe the ongoing dance but this is nothing new. It […]

Where my girls at?

One of the things I’ve missed about home is my girlfriends. I’m not great at making new friends so I’ve been kind of lacking a social life. But I am putting more effort into this and I’m happy to say that this is changing! The other night, I went to dinner with my friend Nikki, […]