A conversation with my dad

Go M’s!

My dad and I went to the Mariners game today. Now, we’re both the type of people who pretty much focus on the game and don’t really talk much while watching.

But we do like to discuss the game. Here’s a conversation he and I had when designated hitter, Ken Griffey Jr. had a base hit but was replaced by pinch runner, Josh Wilson (at least, I think that’s who it was):

Me: Why did they replace Griffey?

Dad: Because he can’t run fast anymore.

Me: Oh. Is it because he’s injured or is it because he’s just slow?

Dad: I think he’s just slow…he’s getting old.


3 comments on “A conversation with my dad

  1. My dad and I had many a greta conversation at a baseball game. Thanks for sharing Bobby Gee

  2. Hahah, and I can totally picture the conversation too. I thought the conversation was going to be about something else…

  3. […] have their moments as well. I’ve already paid tribute to both my mom and my dad, but here’s another moment for my […]

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