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R.I.P., Donald Fisher

Yesterday, Gap founder Donald Fisher died. I actually didn’t know this until I watched Conan’s monologue tonight. I Googled it and found this article about him on NPR. Now, I obviously never knew Fisher, but I do have to say this: The four years I worked at one of his stores were some of the […]

I’m so glad AP agrees with me

A little while back, I wrote about how the term Oriental offends me. Well, I am happy to say I’m not alone. Actually, I already knew I wasn’t alone, but I am here today to show you I’m not alone. One of my favorite blogs to visit is Stuff Journalists Like. The latest post was about […]

Love will keep them together

In today’s edition of The Post Register, I read a story about a married couple who can’t be together because they’re from two different countries (he, the United States, she, Canada) and neither can cross over to the other side. Instead, they meet at Peace Arch Park, where Washington state and Canada meet (the picture […]

On-the-job inspiration

Note: I wrote this post on Tuesday, but my Internet went down for awhile and so I had to post it after midnight–technically Wednesday. So, today I wrote a story about local schools and how they did or didn’t show President Obama’s speech to students. I went into a classroom when they were watching the […]

Why can’t life come with a remote control?

Lately, I’ve been in a funk. I won’t go into a lot of details about it but trust me, it hasn’t been fun. And sadly, it’s been affecting multiple aspects of my life. I’ve been trying to deal and I’ve talked with a few friends about it and I’ve determined that I’m going through a […]