A bittersweet anniversary

Packing your life into boxes isn't always easy.

Packing your life into boxes isn't always easy...it takes A LOT of sorting to separate the necessary from the unnecessary.

So, I’ve been in Idaho Falls for exactly one year (okay…one year and one day, but close enough). And after this one year, I will actually be leaving IF.

Now, my last two posts (which can be read here and here) weren’t exactly what you’d call cheerful. So you can safely assume I’m not leaving for the best reasons. I don’t want to go into detail about it. The people who matter know what happened. But, to make a long story short, I am no longer working at the Post Register.

I remember when I first accepted the position here and all the things going through my mind. I knew that this would be a starting point for my career and that it wasn’t permanent, but I was obviously planning on leaving on my terms. Unfortunately, that decision was made for me. And while I’m not thrilled about my reasons for leaving, I can’t say I’m that sorry to be putting IF behind me.

As I’ve posted on several occasions, I’m always extremely happy whenever I can get out of town. And many people who I don’t see or talk to on a regular basis have commented on how they knew from reading my blog that I wasn’t exactly happy here, which is true. Since I’ve moved here — as I’ve mentioned in another post — I’ve missed “family, friends, the coast, cafes being open past dusk, multiple major bookstores within reasonable driving range (that was a biggie)” back home.

Well, I’m happy to say that I’m moving back to Seattle!

I’m pretty excited. While I’ll be starting over and in need of a job, I’m actually pretty happy about things at the moment — relatively speaking. I don’t know what’s in store for me but I am excited to look for a job that will be a better fit for me. I’m not saying things were terrible for me here, though. I learned a lot during my time here. I learned a lot about journalism, writing and myself.

Empty corner

Like the now-blank walls, my future is a blank canvas filled with possibilities!

As at any job, I’ve had good and bad experiences at the PR. I’m going to take what I can from my time here and apply it to my future endeavors.

I honestly have no clue what’s in store for me. I don’t know how long it’ll take for me to find another job or whether that job will even be in journalism (I’ve talked to my old manager at Gap, so I may reunite with my 1708 family for awhile), but that’s okay. As I’ve been told several times, I’m still young. I have time to figure out things and I’m not tied down by things such as a mortgage or family.

Many people have told me now is a great time for me to be reckless and do things and go places just for the hell of it.  Europe has been suggested, but I’ve already been there. While I won’t be traveling halfway around the world, I will be going on a much needed mini-vacation next month. My sister’s best friend is getting married in Mexico (it was postponed in May due to the whole swine flu fiasco) and since I’ve already bought the necessities, I’ll be going!

So, we’ll see how things will work out.


3 comments on “A bittersweet anniversary

  1. You’re coming back with experience from this job and you’ll have many more opportunities and open doors. =)

  2. I haven’t read your blog in a while, but I’m excited that you’re back. I hope to see you at 1708 this holiday Sam!!

    Oh, and I know you may have heard this a thousand times now, but everything will be alright. =)

  3. […] leaving the Post Register and moving back to Seattle, a lot has been going on in my life, but at the same time, not much. […]

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