Am I anywhere near the front of the dating line?

I’ve been single for three years now. I have no problem with this for the most part, but there are times when being unattached does have a downside.

In these three years, I’ve seen friends break up with their significant others, get back together or find new significant others. And while I commiserate during the break ups and am happy for them during the reconciliation and puppy love stages, I can’t help wondering, when will it be my turn?

Now, obviously I’m talking about the puppy love part. I’ve been through several break ups (with the same guy) and it’s never a good feeling. No matter how much you want it or how mutual the decision is.

Several people have said to me that I was living in Idaho for awhile and, really, who was I going to meet here? But I was there only one of those three years. What about the two years before that?

I admit that part of my dilemma has been due to the fact that I’m picky when it comes to guys. My latest interest was “Ben,” who turned into a very nice (and brief) bookstore buddy while I was in Potato Country. I never got Ben’s last name so I couldn’t even add him as a friend on The Book of Face or anything, but I was actually okay with that.

Other than that, there have only been a few guys that I’ve been attracted to and been interested in.

Am I just too picky? Do I have to broaden my horizons (notice how I didn’t say lower my standards)? Should I try to be more open-minded?

I try, but honestly, you can’t be attracted to somebody you’re not. It just doesn’t work.

I know this is another whiny single girl moment, but you know what? It’s been three years and I’m entitled to a few every now and then. It just gets lonely sometimes when everybody around you is pairing off and getting married and you’re still on your own.

I just get those moments when I just have to ask, “When will it be my turn?”


2 comments on “Am I anywhere near the front of the dating line?

  1. Dating is a lot harder than you would expect. not everything happens as easily as it did for you and your first boyfriend.

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