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Sammi’s return to the big city

Unpacking. Applying for unemployment. Finding a job. Dealing with parents who think it’s time to give up the whole “journalism thing.”

My first week back home has been very hectic and busy. Not to mention stressful.

But when the weekend rolls around, it’s definitely time to unwind and let loose a little. So, that’s exactly what I did! Here are pictures from my night at Ozzie’s:

Wynn & Sammi Ozzie's

Getting excited about Ozzie's great karaoke offerings.

JSW Ozzie's

So happy to be hanging with two of my BFFs!

Wynn TP

After a trip to the bathroom, Wynn took some of it with her to the stage.

Black Emperors

The Black Emperors Motorcycle Gang of ninjas.

WS Karaoke

"...because I'm hungry like a wolf..."

JS Karaoke

"...know what I mean, peaches and creams..."

Ozzie's group

The whole gang!


"...young man..."


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