Male order for the universe

I have recently read a book in which the heroine “orders” her ideal man from the universe. Half an hour later, lo and behold, she meets him!

I thought I’d follow suit, put in my own order and see if it works for me. I mean, it can’t hurt since I haven’t had any kind of luck for a good long while.

So, universe, here is what I want in a man:

  • There has to be a good amount of physical attraction between the two of us or else it’s just not going to work.
  • There also has to be chemistry between us–physically and otherwise.
  • He is kind, generous, honest, loyal and faithful.
  • He has a great sense of humor. I need someone who has the ability to laugh at himself. But he can also be serious when it’s needed.
  • He’s not too cocky or arrogant. I can’t stand guys like that.
  • He is intelligent and able to hold up his end of the conversation.
  • He loves and wants children. And he fully participates in raising them.
  • He loves and wants me.
  • He is open minded and willing to try new things.
  • He enjoys traveling.
  • He gets along with my family and friends.
  • He is romantic, but not in an over-the-top kind of way. More of a little-things kind of way.
  • He’s dependable. I need someone I can really count on to be there for me.
  • He respects me and is willing to hand the reins over to me. I want someone who will treat me as an equal.
  • He’s willing to do his part when it comes to chores around the house. I’m not going to be with somebody who just sits around and expects me to do the cooking and cleaning.
  • If he could cook, that would be great.
  • He takes care of himself and has good hygiene habits.
  • He is passionate.
  • He’s ambitious and sets high goals for himself and expects the same from me.
  • He reads. Not as in, he can read, but he actually reads.
  • He will actually plan things for us to do, but also doesn’t mind just hanging out at home on a Friday or Saturday night.
  • While he will plan things out, he doesn’t mind a little spontaneity every now and then.
  • He knows all my flaws and not only loves me in spite of them, but loves me because of them.
  • He enjoys baseball or is at least willing to go to the games with me.
  • He may get jealous, but he doesn’t act on it. In other words, he doesn’t “forbid” me from doing anything or seeing anyone. It probably wouldn’t stop me, but it’d be nice to know he supported me.
  • He’s not perfect, but he’s perfect for me.

There are probably more qualities I could think up if I thought long enough. But for now, this is good.


5 comments on “Male order for the universe

  1. I like your blog. 🙂 I am contemplating of starting my own.

  2. Chyea! Way to know your standards!
    Mayhaps I should make I list… I’m not really one for standards though. Lol kidding!

  3. Those ones are the one already taken and/or married! lol! But great to see some girl who has standard. A lot of people settle for less and end up in trouble.

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