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I may be on a sinking ship…

…but man, what a crew to go down with.

Journalism is not doing well. Profits are down; newspapers everywhere are shutting down; and people are getting laid off left and right. As a result, veterans with years — sometimes decades — of experience are going for the same jobs as college grads just entering the field.

With the supply not meeting the demand, you’d think the industry would have this competitive, every-person-out-for-themselves atmosphere. But since I’ve graduated, I have yet to encounter it.

One of the best things I’ve discovered about journalism is how tight-knit of a community it is. Despite the state of the industry, everyone is still willing to do what they can to help each other, especially newcomers like me. I really feel this whenever I attend journalism events.

On Saturday, I attended the AAJA Seattle Lunar New Year banquet and I have to admit that it was great being around people with whom I could “talk shop.”

Here are some pictures from that night:

Shawn may be the only other person from high school who pursued journalism.

I met Tanya and Mai at UNITY 2008 in Chicago. It was great to see them again.

Karaoke is great. Venice sang “Let’s Hear it for the Boy.”

“Eye of the Tiger,” in honor of the year of the tiger.

“Sweet Caroline” always reminds me of baseball and makes me want to go to a Mariner’s game.

Seattle Times executive editor David Boardman’s rendition of “No Woman, No Cry” was awesome.

I met Venice at UNITY 2008 as well. She was pretty involved with the planning of the banquet, so we didn’t get to talk too much, but it was still good to see her.


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