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Sammi’s fictional dream life

Despite the assumption, if I could be any character in literary fiction, I actually would not choose to be Harry Potter (or even Hermione Granger, who ends up with Ron Weasley, my favorite character in the series). If I could be any character in literary fiction, I would choose to be Thursday Next of the series which bears her name by Jasper Fforde.

It’s hard to explain the series. Even Fforde has a hard time (scroll down to the 8th January 2010: Chicago/Seattle section). But the gist of it is, Thursday is a literary detective in Britain and the series follow her on various adventures. The first four books take place in the mid- to late-1980s (the last one jumps forward to 2002), in a world where time travel exists, species that have been extinct for millions of years can be reengineered and kept as pets, multinational corporations strive to rule the world and literature is taken very seriously.

Thursday is part of the Special Operations Network or SpecOps, a law enforcement network “instigated in 1928 to handle policing duties considered either too unusual or specialised to be tackled by the regular forces.” Thursday is part of SpecOps-27, the department that handles most everything literary related — from tracking down first editions of Milton’s work, to ensuring the “lost thirty-eighth play” by Shakespeare was indeed written by the bard.

Thursday is also a part of Jurisfiction, the policing agency within the BookWorld. A Jurisfiction agent has many duties, including handling characters who go rogue, killing grammasites and just making sure things run smoothly in the BookWorld.

I just recently read “First Among Sequels” (after having owned it for a year and a half) and was reminded of Thursday’s world and couldn’t stop thinking about how cool it would be to live in it and how amazing her job would be. It’s no secret that I love to read, so being surrounded by books and being able to actually jump into the world of fiction for a living would be so sweet.

Sadly, Thursday’s life and world are fictional and I am stuck here in reality.

But a girl can dream, right?


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