To-do lists

For this week:

  • Finish Lakeside Villager guide for Madison Park Times (most by Tuesday, ALL by Friday).
  • Do three job searches for unemployment claim (and also, to find a job).
  • Facial appointment at Ulta on Saturday.

For this month:

  • Read three Asian-themed books for Northwest Asian Weekly.
  • Continue doing three job searches per week for unemployment claim (and also, to find a job).
  • Turn 24.
  • Get haircut (preferably before previous bullet point).
  • Celebrate turning 24.
  • Check goals for 23rd year of life and attempt to achieve most in a 10-day period (highly doubtful).
  • Attend hot yoga daily to get money’s worth out of new-student’s first month special.

For life:

  • Get job to continue career in journalism.
  • Get married.
  • Have family.
  • Be happy.
  • Minimize (stopping, not likely) procrastinating in order to reduce stress of impending deadlines as well as to aid previous bullet point.

    2 comments on “To-do lists

    1. I like those goals. 🙂

      24 soon?? When?!?!

    2. […] enough in to go out to eat or something with. On top of that, I’ve got the rest of my to-do list as […]

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