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The latest thing journalists like

Complaining (from Stuff Journalists Like). Here are some highlights:

…Perhaps the No.1 thing journalists love to complain about is journalism. The love/hate relationship of a journalist with their own profession is complex, and few truly understand it.

Journalists have been called masochists. And it is true. Who in their right mind would subject themselves to tirelessly interviewing subjects who loathe them and often curse them and write five stories a day only to have them ridiculed and torn apart by readers? All for pay that is less than the kid at Taco Bell is making.

Yes, journalists are justified in complaining.

However, journalists manage to take complaining to a whole new level. A journalist could get the greatest assignment in the world, say reporting on the discovery of a goose that can lay golden eggs. Journalists would still find something to complain about. Such as the goose won’t make sample golden eggs for the media, it doesn’t make golden eggs on command or the announcement of the eggs are embargoed.

So true. No day in the newsroom would be complete without a bitch session. It just wouldn’t be right.


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