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Coco goes on tour!

Today, during my daily YouTube perusal, I came across the following video:

When I saw this, I immediately did some research (i.e. Googled) and found out that Coco is going on tour next month! And even better, Seattle is among his first stops! He’ll be here April 18 and 19 and I really want to go.

Unfortunately, tickets are starting at $130 and go up to $700. That’s a lot of money but since it’s Conan (and we all know how much I love him), I would normally consider shelling out the cash. However, in my current unemployed state, it may not be as easy to drop that cash. Plus I would need to convince at least one other person to shell out cash to go with me — although I would consider going on my own.

So, should I go?

I’m not sure yet, but I do know I’m going to have to decide fast because tickets are probably going to sell out soon…


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