Mama says…

Me and Ma at my communication department graduation ceremony, June 2008.

Today is Mother’s Day. And in honor of this day, I dedicate my post to my mother, to whom I owe so much. She’s always been there for me even if she doesn’t approve of my choices, which I know happens quite often (i.e. my chosen career path, occasional choice of clothing, the way I cook, etc.).

One of the things I love about my mom is she always seems to have something to say about everything. She doesn’t hold back and really has no problem offending people. This is probably where I get it because I have a tendency to just say what’s on my mind and think about the consequences later.

Here is what Ma thinks about a few different things:

Me and my sister at her best friend's wedding in Cozumel.

On how my sister, who now lives in Boston, calls me practically every morning:

“Why is she always calling you? Doesn’t she have any friends over there?”

On me and my sister dating:

“(Your cousin’s mom) lucked out. She has two really good son-in-laws. Where are my son-in-laws?”

On my freelancing, lack of a full-time job and how it affects my dating life:

“How are you going to meet anyone if you’re not around people? If you want to meet someone, you have to work where there are people, not at home.”

Pa and Ma on the ferry to Victoria, B.C.

On work ethic:

“Your dad takes a long time to complete a project, but it ends up looking really nice. Me, I don’t care. I just want to get it done.”

On her math skills:

“I’ve always been good at math. When I was in school, my friend used to pay me two dollars per problem to do her math homework.”

On shopping:

“I’m a great shopper. I’ll find a sweater that was originally seventy dollars and get it for seven. When I get rung up, the sales people are always impressed. They say ‘wow!'”


2 comments on “Mama says…

  1. I love your mom!! =)

    The thing about asian mothers is that they can be reallllly scary and intimidating… and most of the time they do/say things that have you thinking “Uh. What?”

    But really, I think they’re the smartest people in the world!!

  2. […] my parents — have their moments as well. I’ve already paid tribute to both my mom and my dad, but here’s another moment for my […]

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