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Too short a notice

My latest story for North Seattle Herald-Outlook has been published.

Last month, local community event organizers in Seattle received news that could have rained on their parades and festivities.

Due to a budget shortfall of $7.8 million, city officials have been looking at ways to reduce spending. One money-saving move proposed by the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) was to require all Seattle special events to pay for traffic and parking-control signs, an expense usually covered by the city.

SDOT communications manager Rick Sheridan said this would have saved the city roughly $150,000 per year, but after several event organizers voiced their concerns about their ability to raise the money to pay for the barricades on short notice, SDOT officials reconsidered.

“We will look for alternative mid-year reductions,” Sheridan said. “We have notified affected organizations about this change and alerted them that we will offer this cut in our 2011 budget.”

He said approximately 30 to 40 events ranging from Seafair-sanctioned activities such as the Torchlight Parade to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon would have been affected by the cut.

To read the rest of the story, click here.


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