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My latest stories for NW Asian Weekly

I have two stories printed in the July 24-30 edition of Northwest Asian Weekly.

Here’s a little taste of each:

Spinning across the country, DJ Tina T pauses to plan a DJ camp for teens this summer

For some, career paths are mapped out in grade school. For others, it’s not until they reach adulthood that they know. And for others, it’s a process of elimination – figuring out what they can’t do before realizing what they can do.

Then there are some like Tina Turnbull who find their passion when they aren’t even looking.

When Turnbull was in high school and needed to raise money for orchestra, she chose to organize an event at a club, complete with DJs and a break dancing battle, rather than selling candy bars. All it took was this event for the former Seattle resident to find what she enjoyed doing.

“I fell in love with the production side of events and entertainment,” she said.

Turnbull was 15 at the time and had discovered another passion, DJing. She began practicing after attending a DJ battle at a church in Seattle. She was eager to improve her skills on the turntables.

To read the rest of the story click here.

NWAW’s July must-reads: Cool summer reads for young adults

“Yasmin’s Hammer”
Written by Ann Malaspina, Illustrated by Doug Chayka
Lee & Low Books, Inc., 2010

Most children take their education for granted and would rather be anywhere but at school.

For a young Bangladeshi girl named Yasmin, however, going to school is all she wants to do. Unfortunately, getting an education is not an option for her.

Although her father drives customers in his rented rickshaw around Dhaka and her mother cleans wealthy people’s homes, Yasmin’s family needs her and her sister, Mita, to help support the family.

The two girls work in a brickyard chipping bricks that will be mixed with cement. This forms concrete to construct buildings and pave roads throughout Bangladesh. While chipping away with her hammer, Yasmin daydreams about going to school, learning to read, and getting all the opportunities that would come her way if she were educated.

To read the rest of the story click here.


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