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A girl and her car

“After a few years, you can buy a new car.” -My dad about once I get a job. A part of me died inside when I heard my dad’s words earlier this week. How could I replace Doris? She’s family! I may not be a mechanic and may not understand much (make that anything) about how […]

NWAW’s August must-reads

Here are my latest book recommendations for Northwest Asian Weekly. Happy reading! “The Case of the Missing Servant” By Tarquin Hall Simon & Schuster, 2010 As the founder and managing director of Most Private Investigators Ltd. in Delhi, Vish Puri makes a living by screening and investigating prospective marriage partners. But the portly, “self-confessed master […]

Two new stories for City Living

I have two stories printed in the Aug. 25, 2010 issue of City Living. Here’s a bit of each: Find your fun (and food) at fall festivals, fairs Fall is just around the corner, and that means fairs, festivals and food. Washington hosts dozens of events during the autumn months, so what do you choose? […]

Seattle girl in Dodgertown

As I mentioned last week, I was in L.A. for the 2010 AAJA national convention. Big baseball fan that I am, one of the highlights of my trip was organizing an outing with fellow AAJAers to a Dodgers game while down there. The game was Aug. 6 against the Washington Nationals. I’ve never been to a […]

Will our libraries make it through the recession?

My latest post for Northwest Asian Weekly. During these trying economic times, organizations have dealt with budget cuts, often leading to reduced hours of operation and elimination of positions, programs, and services. The Seattle Public Library (SPL) is no exception. Officials have had to cut the library’s 2010 budget by $3 million, leaving roughly $49 […]

Come away with me…

Tomorrow I’m traveling down to Los Angeles, Calif. for the 2010 AAJA Convention. I can’t wait! This trip cannot come at a better time. In addition to seeing and spending time with friends I haven’t seen in awhile and hitting up the Career Fair and Expo, I just really need to get away for a […]