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Two new stories for City Living

I have two stories printed in the Aug. 25, 2010 issue of City Living.

Here’s a bit of each:

Find your fun (and food) at fall festivals, fairs

Fall is just around the corner, and that means fairs, festivals and food.

Washington hosts dozens of events during the autumn months, so what do you choose? Here are a few options from all over the Evergreen State that will keep you busy through Halloween.

Evergreen State Fair

Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Monroe

Thursday, Aug. 26-Sept. 6

The first Evergreen State Fair was in 1908 and took place in downtown Monroe. The fair moved to its current location, the 185-acre fairgrounds, in 1945.

Like most fairs, the Evergreen State Fair has many agriculturally themed events and activities, including livestock competitions and exhibits and food contests such as a fried chicken, apple pie and salsa.

Rodeo lovers will enjoy three days of barrel-racing, calf-roping, bull-riding and bronco-busting fun Sept. 3 through 5. There will also be the opportunity to meet some cowboys and cowgirls on Sept. 4 at “Dancin’ in the Dirt,” a special event after the rodeo at 9 p. m.

To  read the rest of the story, click here and here (for the jump).

Here’s my second story:

Theme parks still viable fun for families

During the economic downturn, one thing that has fallen by the wayside is the great family vacation.

With families trying to make every dollar count, traveling across the country is not always a feasible vacation option. Instead of planning trips to a Disney, Universal or Six Flags theme park, people are looking a little closer to home to have fun.

As a result, the economic recession has affected Northwest theme and amusement parks in an unexpected way.

“Our numbers are actually up this year,” said Nancy DiGiammarco, director of marketing sales at Silverwood Theme Park in Athol, Idaho.

The park has been on a steady upward trend for 10 years. In 1999, the park’s attendance was on the upper end of 300,000 for the year, whereas nowadays attendance reaches the upper end of 500,000 annually, DiGiammarco said.

Silverwood, which is about an hour’s drive from Spokane, covers more than 200 acres, and while it is the largest theme park in the northwestern states, it is still much smaller than the parks in California and Florida.

Click here and here (again, for the jump) to read the rest of the story.


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